After Theresa Randle Was Replaced In Bad Boys 4, Raised Concern Regarding The Actress’ Health

The Bad Boys star Theresa Randle looked different in the video clip.

Hollywood: In 2023, amidst the reports that Tasha Smith would replace Theresa Randle in Bad Boys 4, a video clip surfaced on the Internet, fueling the speculation.

Roger Neal, Theresa’s former manager, confirmed it was his ex-client, “That’s definitely her. 100 percent.”

Randle wore a Disneyland sweater, plaid pants, a baseball cap, and gloves and was talking to locals.

In the clip, the Bad Boys star looked ‘smaller‘ than previous sightings and was seen sitting in a walker, which many claimed to be a wheelchair.

However, one woman, reportedly from the site, said that the actress was on a walker because of her broken femur.

For the thousandth time she was not in a wheelchair. She was on a walker due to a broken femur, and she was downtown helping out the Skid Row community.”

A Woman From The Site

Key Takeaways

  • Some netizens stated that the Bad Boys actress looked her age, which is fine.
  • A different Theresa was involved in an accident.

Netizens Have Two Different Arguments Regarding The Video

After the concerning video clip of Randle resurfaced, the internet was filled with mixed thoughts.

One group quickly pinpointed her similar previous unusual appearances, hinting at her possible illness.

Another group suggested that the actress might be a victim of substance abuse.

A third group said Randle appeared okay for someone her age and suggested that the 10-second video should not be used to create a false narrative.

A News About An Accident Involving Theresa Randle

News reports about an accident leading to the demise of one person in Shreveport on April 30 further raised concern about the Bad Boys star.

Since a woman, later identified as Theresa Randle, was reportedly sitting on the passenger side.

A similarity in the name of the woman involved in the accident and the actress might have caused confusion among people.

However, the woman involved in the accident was reported as Theresa A. Randle and the actress’s full name is Theresa E. Randle.

This would clarify that the Space Jam star was not involved in the accident.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Theresa Randle was reportedly married to rapper Father MC. However, the rapper cleared out the rumors during an interview. Father MC said he never married Theresa, and the reports were just internet rumors.


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