College Athletes Turned Actors Steve Harris and His Brother Wood Harris’s Relationship

Steve Harris, the athlete turned actor, grew up alongside his younger brother, Wood Harris.

Born October 17, 1969, Sherwin David “Wood” Harris is also an actor.

As Steve excelled in the world of sports with his remarkable performance in Call It Destiny, Wood simultaneously secured his breakthrough role in the sports drama film Above the Rim while at Northern Illinois University.

With that success, the Chicago native gained fame again in a movie of the same genre. He played the role of a high school football player, Julius Campbell, in Walt Disney’s film Remember the Titans (2000).

Therefore, it is not wrong to say that both of the Harris brothers have made their parents proud of their respective achievements.

Key Takeaways

  • The Harris Brothers are former college athletes.
  • Steve and Wood Harris are rivals in Starz’s BMF.

The Harris Brothers’ Intense Face-Off in Starz’s BMF

Steve and his brother Wood, both well-known actors, had a unique opportunity to work together in an episode of Starz’s BMF.

While they had shared the screen before in shows like FX’s Justified, they had never portrayed characters at odds with each other until now.

In this particular episode, Steve Harris played Ecorse Police Det. Vaughn Bryant, while Wood Harris portrayed Pat, a co*aine dealer.

Their characters clashed in a tense confrontation. Vaughn, a corrupt cop, rejects Pat’s offer to collaborate, asserting his dominance and intentions to eliminate Pat from the equation.

BMF, produced by 50 Cent, follows the rise of Detroit kingpins Big Meech and Southwest T. Pat serves as their supplier, and Vaughn provides them with insider information in exchange for bribes.

The scene was crafted to be memorable, drawing inspiration from classic showdowns like DeNiro and Pacino’s confrontation in Heat.

Showrunner Randy Huggins aimed for a powerful moment, leveraging the unique opportunity of having both Harris brothers on set.

Steve expressed excitement about facing off against his brother on screen, especially considering Wood Harris’s acclaimed portrayal of Avon Barksdale in The Wire.

The brothers brought their own flair to the scene, set in a barber shop with jazz music playing in the background.

Pat was depicted as seated almost regally while Vaughn stood, smoking a cigarette and needling him about his New York roots.

Steve appreciated the chance to collaborate with his brother, highlighting the show’s familial dynamic. He looks forward to future opportunities for them to work together on the series.


Who Is Wood Harris’ Wife?

Wood Harris married his wife, Rebekah Harris, in 2001.


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