Hannah And Marciano’s Potential Reconciliation Might Only Be For The Show: Relationship Status: Unsubstantiated

The two exes, Hannah Fouch and Marciano Brunette, appear in Vanderpump Villa.

Santa Monica, CA: Hannah Fouch and Marciano Brunette appear on Hulu’s Vanderpump Villa as server and lead server, respectively.

Since they featured in the show, Fouch and Brunette have been compared to Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder on Vanderpump Rules.

The Vanderpump Villa is trying to bring chaos as Taylor and Schroeder did in Vanderpump Rules.

Given their previous history, Fouch and Brunette have the chance to create a messy time together.

The two Vanderpump Villa servers previously dated for three years. However, their relationship ended after Marciano allegedly cheated on Hannah.

Key Takeaways

  • Hannah Fouch and Marciano Brunette have a history together.
  • Their potential reunion portrayed in the Vanderpump Villa might just be for the show.

Hannah And Marciano In The Vanderpump Villa

During the premiere episode, Hannah and Marciano were introduced as the exes who had not wholly ticked off their chances of getting back together.

Fouch exclusively shared with Weekly that she would have a hard time if Marciano weren’t there.

“After the first day, you see that if I didn’t have [Marciano], I think it would be a very difficult journey for me,” said Hannah. “So I’m so grateful that we were part of this journey together.”

Similarly, Marciano said working with his ex would be very comfortable as they previously worked together.

Are Hannah And Marciano Back Together?

In the Vanderpump Villa, Hannah and Marciano are portrayed as the former couple, hinting at a potential reconciliation.

The two exes appear to have eerie similarities with Jax and Stassi. Both of their relationships included infidelity, jealousy, leading roles, and a drinking problem.

However, years later, the Vanderpump Rules former star Kristen Doute put some light on Jax and Stassi’s messy relationship.

She said that they were on-an-off but pretended to be together. And hence, people have assumed that Hannah and Marciano’s potential reconciliation might only be for the show.

Moreover, the Vandrpump Villa costars have not been open about their current relationship status or whether they are back.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Marciano Brunette competed in the Ferrigno Legacy Show in 2015.


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