Is Daisy Edgar-Jones’s Character, Kate Cooper, Daughter Of Bill And Jo In Twister (1996)? Plot Explained

Kate could be one of Jo's students.

Daisy Edgar-Jones’s character, Kate Cooper, in the 2024 action thriller ”Twisters,” is speculated to be connected to ”Twister (1996)” as the daughter of Bill Harding and Dr. Jo Harding, played by Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt.

After almost three decades, the sequel to the 1996 blockbuster movie ”Twister” premiered during Super Bowl LVIII on February 11, 2024.

Release DateJuly 19, 2024
DirectorLee Isaac Chung
CastGlen Powell
Katy O’Brian
Daisy Edgar-Jones
GenreAction, Adventure, Thriller
Budget$200 Million
Based OnCharacters; by: Michael Crichton; Anne-Marie Martin


An update to the 1996 film ‘Twister’, centered on a pair of storm chasers who, in an attempt to test an experimental weather alert system, risk their lives.

The highly anticipated film will hit the theatres on July 19, 2024 (United States).

Plot Explained

In the film, Kate Cooper is a former stormchaser haunted by a devastating encounter with a tornado during her college years. Now, she studies storm patterns on screens safely in New York City.

Kate’s friend, Javi (Anthony Ramos), is set to test a groundbreaking new tracking system. There, she meets Tyler Owens (played by Glen Powell), a social-media superstar who thrives on posting his storm-chasing adventures.

As storm season intensifies, Kate, Tyler, and their rival teams find themselves squarely in the paths of multiple storm systems converging over central Oklahoma, and they fight for their lives.

Ever since the ”Twisters (2024)” trailer premiered, there have been swirling rumors among Twister fans that the lead character, Kate Kooper, could be the daughter of Bill Harding and Dr. Jo Harding from the 1996 Twisters.

If you feel it, chase it. #TwistersMovie is only in theaters July 19.

— Twisters (@Twistersmovie) February 12, 2024

While Kate doesn’t share the same last name as Bill and Jo, it can also be speculated that she might not have any blood relationship with them; instead, she could be one of Jo’s students.

Kate has a lot in common with Jo, but this dilemma will only be cleared after the film is released in the theaters.

Even if she doesn’t turn out to be the biological heir to Jo’s legacy, she will undoubtedly continue her work as a storm-chaser.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The “Twister (1996),” directed by Jan de Bont, stormed the box office in 1996, earning over $500 million at the box office.


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