The Former Gator Boys Stars Are Still Working With Alligators

Gator Boys mainly featured Paul Bedard, Jimmy Riffle, and Ashley Lawrence.

Gator Boys is an American reality television series where several rescuers risk their lives to save and remove alligators from a populated area.

The TV series’ first episode aired on January 1, 2012, and concluded on August 17, 2015, with six seasons.

Gator Boys’ three-year run on Animal Planet earned them many fans, who were left clueless about the whereabouts of the show’s stars following its conclusion.

The TV series starred several rescuers, but the most prominent members were Paul Bedard, Jimmy Riffle, and Ashley Lawrence.

Now, let’s find out what these three former Gator Boys stars are up to.

Key Takeaways

  • Paul Bedard is a full-time video content creator.
  • Jimmy Riffle operates a traveling roadshow with his team.
  • Ashley Lawrence works at a Zoo.

Paul Bedard Runs His Own YouTube Channel

Paul, who appeared in 19 show episodes, has a YouTube channel where he posts content about alligators.

All videos are about Bedard rescuing alligators in the neighborhood. With over 80 videos on his channel, GatorBoys Outdoors boasts around 9k subscribers.

Besides his full-time content creator job, Bedard works with Everglades Holiday Park for their thrilling Gator wrestling shows.

Jimmy Riffle Is The Owner Of Scales Tails And Teeth

Jimmy started training and working around animals at 11. After working on the Gator Boys TV show, he started Scales Tails and Teeth to share his love and appreciation of wildlife with people nationwide.

Riffle travels with the team and offers people a Reptile walk-through experience and alligator wrestling.

His team also offers a private guided tour of a wildlife park featuring native and exotic animals.

On a personal note, Jimmy is in a relationship with Heather Daly, who also seems to love getting her hands dirty catching the alligators.

Moreover, Daly is a proud mother to her three kids: Austin, Tyler, and Corey.

Furthermore, Heather is a part of the TV show on which Riffle is reportedly filming. However, he hasn’t disclosed the name of the show.

Ashley Lawrence Worked At Zoo Miami

After Gator Boys, Ashley worked as an assistant manager and amphitheater performer at Zoo Miami—Natural Selections of South Florida.

She also worked as a wildlife technician at the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission from October 2016 to July 2017.

However, her current employer is not known. Moreover, her last Instagram post, dated October 22, 2023, was of her with a fellow Zoo Miami staff member, and there is a possibility that she might still be working at the same zoo.

Besides, the former Gator Boys stars are still friends. In January 2013, Ashley posted a picture with Jimmy Riffle with the caption, “Well look who I ran into, my good buddy @jimmyriffle!”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Jimmy Riffle dreams of opening an educational animal park in Marion County, Florida.


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