60 Minutes Greg Carr Never Had Time For A Wife & Kids

Greg Carr is in his early sixties but he would like to continue his restoration endeavors for another 20 years if he remains healthy and fit.

Yes, you read that right: Idaho Falls, Idaho, native Greg Carr never had time to start his own family. He never married and consequently does not have any kids.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Greg Carr, born in 1959, is the youngest son of seven children to his parents, Taylor H. and Betty O. Carr.

Carr immersed himself as a philanthropist in the restoration of Gorongosa National Park (GNP), funded by his non-profit organization, the Gregory C. Carr Foundation.

Greg Carr
Greg Carr In Africa (Source: Gorongosa)

It is also possible that he wouldn’t have spent his earned fortune, time, and money on the project if he had married or considered starting a family.

Similarly, there has been no news of him being in a relationship or whatsoever to date. Perhaps all his time is consumed by his good deeds and he never felt the urge to even think about starting his own family.

He pursued higher education at Utah State University, majoring in History and Philosophy.

Greg spends eight months a year in Mozambique and has invested more than $100 million of his personal earned fortune in the restoration project of GNP.

He might be an American, but Carr has found a home in Africa for the last two decades, where he is still pioneering a new approach to conservation and restoration ecology.

In 1986, Carr co-founded Boston Technology, a startup that sold voicemail capabilities to AT&T.

Later on, he chaired internet service provider Prodigy. However, in 1998, Carr cut off his ties to profit-based organizations and decided to focus on philanthropy.

He established the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard a year later.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Greg was a close friend of biologist E. O. Wilson and served on the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation board until Wilson’s passing on December 26, 2021.
  • Carr’s professional journey took a significant turn when he co-founded Boston Technology, revolutionizing voicemail systems.
  • Greg has been the president of the Carr Foundation in Sun Valley, Idaho, since 2010, and he has also been a full-time president of the GORONGOSA RESTORATION PROJECT in Mozambique, southeastern Africa, since January 2008.


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