Ailing Health Condition Of Fuzz Townshend’s Wife Karen Townshend

Fuzz Townshend married Karen Townshend on December 21st, 2020 in a small family ceremony after divorcing his first wife, Cressida Townshend.

British automotive journalist, TV presenter, drummer, music producer, and songwriter Fuzz Townshend’s wife Karen Townshend’s health condition was slightly unstable just a few months ago.

On March 9, 2023, Mr. Townshend publicly announced his wife Karen’s health problems through an Instagram post.

Classic car restorer Fuzz, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, said,

”On International Women’s Day I’d like to lend support to all of our inspirational sisters out there in the righteous fight for equality. I’d also like to give a shout out to my wife, Karen Townshend, who has endured unpleasant health and work issues over the past six months, but has shown her amazing character, total strength, and indomitable spirit throughout, despite everything thrown her way. You are my inspiration ❤️”

Fuzz Townshend

He did not elaborate on the detailed health condition but only said that his wife, Karen, had been enduring unpleasant health and work issues over the past months.

He appreciated his wife’s strength and indomitable spirit despite facing difficulties because of her health issues.

Fuzz married Karen on December 21st, 2020, at a small family ceremony after divorcing his first wife, Cressida Townshend.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he lives with his family in Lutterworth, England, United Kingdom.

Fuzz and Karen have two children: a son, Atticus Townshend, and a daughter, Pixie Townshend.

Fuzz Townshend’s Estranged Wife Cressida Townshend Is A Single Mother

Fuzz Townshend married his first wife, Cressida Townshend, on 26th March 2011, who is a freelancer horse groomer, rider, and clipper at Thoroughbred Polo Ponies Ltd since 2019.

But later, after being together for over a decade, Fuzz decided to split from Cressida. The actual reason behind their split remains a mystery.

With his ex-wife, Fuzz has three kids: a daughter, Honor Doro Townshend (a Criminologist), and two sons, Oscar Townshend and Johnny Townshend.

Cressida, a freelance horse groomer for over a decade, now resides in Tewkesbury. Originally from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, she has built a reputation for her expertise in the field.

Cressida, a single mother, has never married following her separation from Fuzz.

Her Twitter handle is filled with motivational quotes for single mothers and inspirational posts. Some of her posts also subtly hint at her missing her ex-husband.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Fuzz Townshend was born in Birmingham, England, on July 31, 1964.
  • Fuzz Townshend is the richest mechanic in the world, having a total net worth of $5 million.
  • Mr. Townshend is a TV presenter of National Geographic Channel’s Car SOS, having co-hosted more than 122 episodes since its airing in 2013.
  • He is also the director of the classic vehicle restoration workshop Townshend and Tassel Classics Ltd, which has a well-established reputation for classic car restoration and recommissioning.
  • He is an independent automotive journalist specializing in classic cars and buses. He is a fully qualified automotive professional with over forty years of experience.


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