Amber Riley And Raven Goodwin Are Industry Twin Sister But Not Biological

It is very natural to think that ‘Glee’ star Amber Riley and ‘Good Luck Charlie’ actress Raven Goodwin are sisters because of their similar facial features.

Referring to their uncanny similarities, many media have publicly addressed that the two actresses are often mistaken for sisters.

Riley and Goodwin, who embarked on their acting careers around the same time, also shared the screen in the 2022 movie Single Black Female.

In the film, Amber portrayed Simone Hicks, while Raven portrayed Monica. During this period, the confusion surrounding their relationship as sisters only intensified.

Addressing the rumors, Riley said, “She’s my industry twin and I would see her pop up on my IMDB page. People would often mix us up when we’d do red carpets. They’ll say to her, ‘Oh I love you in Glee.'”

She further added, “We took a picture years ago at the Essence Festival and literally manifested doing this movie together. Thousands of comments and likes are under that picture saying things like, ‘Come on, Hollywood, put us in a movie together already.’ So, this was a dream come true and the manifestation of something that we wanted.”

Key Takeaways

  • Amber Riley and Raven Goodwin are not related.
  • Riley has two elder sisters.
  • She started a clothing company with her elder sister in 2014.

Amber Riley Has Two Biological Sisters

Amber Riley is the youngest of three kids born to their father, Elwin, and mother, Tiny Hightower Riley.

The Glee star has two elder sisters, Toiya, born in 1976, and Ashley, born in 1984.

Amber has a very close relationship with both of her sisters. She considers her sister, Toiya, to be her second mother.

The American actress and singer expressed her gratitude toward her elder sister on Facebook.

She thanked Toiya for serving as a wonderful role model and for providing guidance throughout her life.

Amber And Her Sister Ashley Launched A Clothing Line

The two Riley sisters, Amber and Ashley, launched a clothing line, RileyLand Fashions, exclusively for curvier women in 2014.

Amber announced the start of their endeavor on Facebook, “My sister and I are clothes fanatics and since so many of my curvier fans always express that they like my clothes I thought why not clean out my closet and fill up all of yours.”

Moreover, their first line of products was sold out in less than a month.

“We are overjoyed!!!! Thank you ladies for showing us love! We are working hard to restock Rileyland Fashions with new stuff! We will keep you updated,” expressed their happiness via the company’s Instagram page.

However, RileyLand Fashions is not functional at the moment, and the last post on its Instagram was on June 1, 2017.


Is Amber Riley Married?

Amber Riley is not married, but she was engaged to Desean Black for almost three years before parting ways in March 2022.


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