Bodkin: Emmy’s Journey from Rookie Researcher to Mystery-Solving Journalist

Despite their disparity, podcasting trio team up together to untangle the mystery behind the disappearance of missing individuals in Bodkin.

In Netflix’s dark comedic mystery series Bodkin, the podcasting trio Gilbert (played by Will Forte), Dove (played by Siobhán Cullen), and Emmy (played by Robyn Cara) begin their excursion to Bodkin, a small town in Ireland, who were desperately seeking an exclusive crime story.

Key Takeaways

  • “Bodkin” follows podcast hosts investigating disappearances linked to eel smuggling and an Irish festival.
  • The finale reveals shocking truths about the characters’ identities and a violent confrontation.
  • Emmy resumes her journalism career with a promotion after solving the mystery.

Crime podcast host Gilbert, Dublin-raised investigative local Irish journalist Dove, and Gilbert’s research assistant Emmy were on the path to hunting for some exclusive stories that unfold the mystery behind the disappearances of people as they begin their investigation.

Their eagerness takes them to a small town in Ireland called Bodkin. As they begin their investigation to unravel a decades-old mystery of missing people on the night of an annual celebration of Samhain (a Gaelic proto-Halloween), they come under the radar of dreadful criminals.

As the youngest and assisting member, Emmy tolerated their shabby treatment even after she felt like an outclassed member.

Despite their disparity, they team up to untangle the mystery behind the disappearance of missing persons, which seems to be deeply rooted in an international eel-smuggling ring in the Irish coastal town.

Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy realized all these incidents were connected to the Samhain festival.

Emmy Begins Her Job After Resolving The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bodkin’s Residents

Bodkin’s ending unfolds in Season 1, Episode 7, titled “Empty Your Pockets”, and is full of twists and turns.

Bodkin’s episode seven takes us on a ride with the true crime rollercoaster as we delve into the decades-old mysterious disappearances of Bokin’s residents.

Amidst their investigation, Gilbert, Dove, and Emmy encounter several intrusions, conflicts, and challenges from locals and personal confrontations.

In the last episode of Bodkin, both Gilbert and Dove are shown to be in a prison cell.

Gilbert recorded Maeve’s confession while Dove made a deal with Interpol to give them Seamus Gallagher, and they put a tracker on her ankle.

Meanwhile, Mrs. O’Shea revealed to Emmy and Gilbert that she was the one who lit Sean’s car on fire in an attempt to scare them away.

She didn’t want her adopted son, Sean Og Cairns (played by Garda Eoin), to learn that Seamus Gallagher (played by David Wilmot)is his real father.

After finding Gilbert, Dove tells him that Seamus needs to know that Sean is his son. Interpol can arrest him when he goes to Sean to reveal his true identity.

Meanwhile, Emmy tries to convince Sean against selling the eels to the Yakuza, who are Interpol.

Then, at the Samhain festival, Gilbert tells Seamus about Sean. At the Interpol deal, Emmy, Mrs. O’Shea, Gilbert, and Seamus arrive, where Seamus tells Sean that he is, in fact, his father. However, Sean is unwilling to accept the truth.

Shattered, Seamus blames Mrs. O’Shea for all of his pain, who had known the truth about him, Sean, and Fiona for years. So he points a gun at her.

In an attempt to stop Seamus from shooting a gun at Mrs. O’Shea, the gun accidentally fires and blows Sean’s thumb off.

Seamus’s rage and madness overflowed, and he decided to blow up the cave where he had tied up Gilbert.

Before the explosion, luckily, Emmy has gotten most of the people to run off as the bombs send the eel supply in a van to go flying up in the air.

After the explosion, for a moment, they fear that Gilbert is dead, but he walks into the frame with barely a scratch on him.

Dove and Emmy manage to stop Seamus from escaping, and as their pursuit of digging for the truth ends, they embrace their new beginnings and leave the coastal Irish town for their own good.

In the episode, Emmy restarts her job confidently as she has been rewarded a promotion in the Guardian.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Bodkin is a seven-part series, which opens with the episode “One True Mystery,” which premiered on May 9, 2024, starring Will Forte, Siobhán Cullen, and Robyn Cara as main leads.
  • Emmy is an upbeat, enthusiastic researcher at The Guardian who has just started her journalism career and is keen to impress her American boss, Gilbert.


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