Brooke Vincent And Her Partner Kean Bryan Haven’t Finalized The Date For Their Wedding

Brooke Vincent, who has been engaged to her fiance Kean for almost two years, has yet to announce the date of her wedding.

With an initial plan of the big fat wedding, Brooke is not planning for an intimate nuptial ceremony, inviting only family members and a few of her close friends.

Explaining the reason behind the change of plan, she said, “Having had so many big parties, I think I want a small wedding. I just worry so much in party situations that everyone else is having a good time.

“Our wedding day should just be about us and our boys and family. I just want to keep that feeling throughout. I want to get married for us, not for anyone else.”

The pair started planning for their wedding right after the actress celebrated her 30th birthday.

They’ve nearly reached two years since their engagement, and it’s high time they announced the date for their big day.

Key Takeaways

  • Vincent and Shay started dating in 2016.
  • They are proud parents to their two kids.

Vincent Announced Her Engagement On Instagram

The English former professional soccer player popped the question to Vincent on their sixth-year anniversary on April 17, 2022.

Celebrating their togetherness, they returned to find a beautifully decorated igloo in the garden.

They enjoyed a luxurious dinner, complete with lasagna prepared by a hired chef.

However, it was when she briefly left to fetch a phone charger that the magic unfolded.

Upon her return, her partner was waiting inside the igloo, down on one knee, ready to propose. Overwhelmed by emotion, she joined him on one knee, tears flowing as they exchanged heartfelt sentiments.

However, they only made the announcement via Instagram on April 20, 2022.

She shared a brief video clip featuring a drawing that included the hands of her family members. Notably, one hand stood out with nail polish that had a ring.

Their engagement came six years after the pair started dating. Brooke and Bryan met each other through their mutual friends.

Since the day they were introduced, they instantly hit it off and formed a close friendship.

After a while, Vincent and Shay announced their relationship publicly on social media in 2016.

They Are Parents To Two Kids

From their 8-year-long relationship, Vincent and Kean birthed two kids.

The pair welcomed a baby boy, Mexx S K Bryan, on October 23, 2019.

Similarly, another boy named Monroe S J Bryan joined the family on May 4, 2021.


In Which Soccer Club Did Kean Bryan Play For?

Kean Bryan played for several English clubs, including Manchester City, Sheffield United, and West Bromwich Albion.

Who Plays Sophie Webster In Coronation Street?

Brooker Vincent plays the character Sophie Webster in Coronation Street.


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