Caleb Landry Jones’ Appeared On The DogMan Premiere With His Longtime Girlfriend Katya Zvereva

The 2023 movie DogMan certainly grabbed enormous attention from the performance of Caleb Landry.

In the movie directed by Luc Besson, Caleb plays the hopeful hero, Douglas, a man with a tortured past and a love of dogs.

Fans didn’t shy away from appreciating the career-defining performance of Jones in the movie.

However, the viewers noted that the other performances were flat beside Caleb’s and that “the movie would have been better without the supporting cast.”

DogMan premiered on August 31 in Venice, where Jones appeared on the red carpet with his longtime girlfriend, Katya Zvereva.

This sparked curiosity among fans to learn more about Caleb’s girlfriend, Katya. Shall we delve deeper into her story?

Key Takeaways

  • Caleb Landry Jones’ girlfriend is an artist from Russia.
  • They are not married but have been dating for over 14 years.

Who Is Katya Zvereva?

Caleb’s girlfriend, Katya Zvereva, was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1990.

She is a multidisciplinary artist who explores a wide palette of emotions and intense interrelationships.

Zvereva earned her Master’s Degree in Architecture from the V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute in 2013.

Following this, she moved to New York and studied Fine Arts at the New York Academy of Art, completing her degree in 2016.

With painting, printmaking, drawing, and sculpture skills, Zvereva has exhibited her artwork in New York City, Los Angeles, Moscow, and St. Petersburg.

Katya Artworks During Her Exhibition At The Untitled Space In 2019
Katya Artworks During Her Exhibition At The Untitled Space In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Her first solo exhibition was in 2019 at Untitled Space, which showcased a wide range of new works.

Moreover, Katya creates large-scale installations based on analog woodcuts, which are printed by hand on a multitude of surfaces.

Caleb And Katya Started Dating In 2019

Although the specific details about their initial encounter and how they started dating are not known, their relationship reportedly started in 2019.

Jones and his girlfriend would spend a lot of time in Zvereva’s warehouse and worked together on several art pieces.

When Caleb, who is also a musician, released his debut studio album, The Mother Stone.

For this album, the couple worked together on the album cover. Caleb’s girlfriend, Katya, took to her Instagram and announced that she was proud of the cover.

Talking about the cover, he said, “I sat in a chair and smoked a cigarette and kinda just saw what happened, then let that be the basis of everything we did. I had the feeling that if we just gave it our best, something would come out of it, like usual. It was a blast.”

Calen and Katya complement each other and support each other’s work.

During an interview in 2022, when the American actor was asked about his girlfriend, he said that they were able to connect deeply due to the many similarities they shared as both are creative individuals.

He also appreciated how his girlfriend offers him strength and love, which allows him to “be more fearless.”


Who Are The Parents Of Caleb Landry Jones?

Caleb Landry Jones is the son of Patrick and Cindy Jones.

What Is Caleb’s Next Movie?

Caleb’s next project is Dracula: A Love Tale, which will be released in 2025.


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