Chris Zylka Has Ended Things With His Girlfriend Turned Fiance Hailee Lautenbach

Chris Zylka and Hailee Lautenbach have called it quits.

After ending her engagement with Chris Zylka, Hailee Lautenbach says it was the “best decision” she’s ever made.

The former couple got engaged in November 2022. It happened when they were driving to the Seattle marathon.

At the time, Lautenbach was driving, and the Leftovers actor asked her to pull over on a beautifully lit street.

The Ride actress got out of the car only to see Zylka on one knee, popping the question without a ring. Nonetheless, Hailee said yes.

They did not make any official announcement, but the actress dropped some hints vai an Instagram post.

“Feed 🤝 Chris || Went to Seattle with our son to run a marathon (aka Chris, daniel and I were gonna run around eating and trying to find Chris) the marathon didn’t happen but something better did,” Hailee’s post read. “Not telling you tho!”

Subsequently, the Model House actor reportedly sought permission from his former fiancée’s parents and was graciously offered the use of Lautechbach’s grandmother’s diamond for the engagement ring.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Zylka’s engagement has been called off twice.
  • Zylka was first engaged to Paris Hilton and secondly to Hailee Lautenbach.

Chris Zylka And Hailee Lautenbach Ended Their Engagement

The two started dating after their initial encounter on the set of the movie Model House.

Later, Chris and Hailee got engaged in the autumn of 2022 but parted ways in January 2024. This incident unfolded not long after the duo moved to Los Angeles together from Portland, Oregon.

Lautenbach, who wanted a wedding in Hawaii or Disneyland, made the best decision of her life, as per the actress.

“Ending the engagement was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

This Marks The Second Failed Attempt On His Way To The Alter

Chirs’s engagement with Hailee Lautenbach was his second, but unfortunately, it led to another dead end.

Zylka was previously engaged to Paris Hilton in January 2018 during their vacation in Colorado.

He proposed with a 20-carat diamond engagement ring worth $2 million, which Hilton lost while partying at a nightclub.

However, the ring was found in an ice bucket, but Zylka did not get it back after they called off the engagement in November 2018.

Following their breakup, the This is Paris star wished her ex all the best.

“It was this whirlwind romance. I thought it was going to be my happy ending and I just realized after time that it wasn’t the right decision.”


What Is Chris Zylka’s Net Worth?

Chris Zylka’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.


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