Dave Coulier’s Double Tragedy: Losing a Brother and a Friend

Key Takeaways

  • Dave Coulier’s brother Dan struggled with mental illness, prompting him to take his own life.
  • After Dan’s demise, Dave’s co-star Bob Saget reached out with love and compassion, leaving a voicemail that served as an ‘audio hug.’
  • Tragically, just nine months later, Dave faced another devastating loss with Bob’s sudden demise in January 2022.

Dave Coulier’s brother, Dan Couwlier, tragically passed away by suicide in April at the age of 58.

The profound loss deeply affected Dave, who found Dan’s body in their father’s basement.

Dan was not just a brother but a cherished friend to Dave; his absence left an irreplaceable space.

In a tribute on Dan’s birthday on May 12, 2021, Dave fondly remembered him as a remarkably talented and funny individual but also acknowledged the inner struggles Dan faced due to mental illness.

He wrote,

“Today, May 12 is my brother Dan’s birthday. He would’ve been 59 today. Here we are posing with my mom. He was talented beyond belief, incredibly funny, and a sweet, tortured soul. Because of mental illness, it was difficult for him to embrace life. Each day was a battle for him. Mental health is SO important, and all of us are affected by it in some way. Sometimes I think that if I’d held him tighter he would not have left this world so soon by taking his own life. I miss him terribly, and there are so many of us who feel an incredible void that he left with his passing just a few short weeks ago. If your friends and/or family have mental health issues – seek the best help possible and hold on to them tightly with patience and love. I love you, Dan. We all did.”

Dave emphasized the importance of mental health awareness and urged support for those having such issues.

Amidst his grieving journey, Dave found comfort in the arms of his close friend and former co-star, Bob Saget.

After Dan’s passing, Bob reached out with love and compassion, offering a comforting presence to Dave during his darker moments.

Bob, an elderly brother figure in his life, was the first one to call him and leave a voicemail.

Bob’s voicemail served as an ‘audio hug,’ which showcased their enduring bond and Bob’s genuine care for his friend.

I know it’s not a time to call, but I’m right here, 24/7, right now, right here,” Bob said in the voicemail.

“I love you Dave, and I’m so sorry Dave. You loved him. I’m so sorry.”

He further continued,

“So I’m here. I’m here 24/7, just call me anytime. Doesn’t have to be now, it can be a week — whenever. I can just talk to you and listen. I love you so much.”

Tragically, just nine months later, Dave faced another devastating loss with Bob’s sudden demise in January 2022.

As per his publicist, he had head trauma, with authorities identifying that he accidentally hit the back of his head on something.

Despite the pain of these losses, Bob has found strength in sharing his memories and experiences.

Through his podcast, ‘Full House Rewind,’ he honored the memory of his dear friend Bob Saget, reflecting on their cherished moments together and Bob’s impact on his life.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Dane Coulier is renowned for his impressive impersonation ability, including famous personalities like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Nixon.
  • He has a strong musical background, playing instruments like the guitar, harmonica, and drums.
  • Dave Coulier is a keen hockey fan and supports the Detroit Red Wings, even participating in charity hockey events.
  • Coulier has made memorable appearances in music videos, including Alanis Morissette’s ‘You Oughta Kow‘ and Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’


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