Donnie Wahlberg Might Leave ‘Blue Bloods’ After Season 14; Here’s Why

Key Takeaways

  • Blue Bloods is announced to end due to financial problems and budget cuts.
  • ‘Blockheads,’ the loyal fans, quickly came to defend, demanding CBS to save the show.
  • Donnie Wahlberg is not worried about Danny Reagan’s future.

Blue Bloods’ is soon coming to an end after season 14, as announced by CBS.

Longtime viewers got the saddening news just after the delightful announcement of the return of a new season (14).

As per reports, the difficult decision was made due to financial problems and budget cuts at CBS.

Much to their disappointment, the fans of detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, were devastated to see him depart after the season ended.

Upon hearing the show’s cancellation, his fans quickly defended him, demanding the broadcasting company to save the show.

Among them were ‘Blockheads,’ the loyal fanbase of the boy band ‘New Kids on the Block,’ of which Wahlberg is a founding member.

The ‘Blockheads‘ started a trend on X, formerly Twitter, ‘Save Blue Bloods‘ asking to revive this show for another season.

Addressing their effort, Wahlberg expressed his gratitude through a video alongside his co-stars.

In the video, he said,

Thank you Blockheads. Didn’t have to do what you did, but you never have to do what you do. They got ‘Save Blue Bloods’ trending all over Twitter like crazy and they’re doing it again this week.”

Before the news of the show’s cancellation surfaced, Wahlberg had spoken to US Weekly and expressed his optimism about the drama’s long-running success.

I’m an optimist. I try to take every episode as it comes. I really do. I think it’s part of why I’ve enjoyed myself on the show for 13 years.”

His excitement about playing Danny suggests that he would be pleased to continue his role for many more seasons in ‘Blue Bloods.’

That being said, he isn’t worried about Danny Reagan’s future.

One of the things I’ve done is I try to just stay very present in each episode and take each script that comes my way and say, ‘OK, what’s gonna happen now? You know, what am I doing this week?’ And kind of find the journey in that particular episode and not get caught up in what’s gonna happen next year, what’s gonna happen in two years.

Nevertheless, the fans are heartbroken because they won’t see their character anymore.

However, there is a slight beam of hope that the show might get a reprieve because CBS recently changed its decision to cancel SWAT, a long-running series.

It’s been twice since the channel pulled back its final settlement at the end moment to cancel the show.

So, hopefully, CBS will reconsider continuing with ‘Blue Bloods,’ considering its over-decade-old fan base.

But for now, the show’s fate remains uncertain, along with the end of an iconic character, Danny Reagan.


Why Is Blue Bloods Coming To An End After Season 14?

As per reports, the difficult decision was made due to financial troubles and budget cuts at CBS.

Will There Be A Season 15 Of Blue Bloods?

CBS recently changed its decision to cancel SWAT, a long-running series, so there are hopes that we might see season 15 of Blue Bloods. But the fate of the show still remains uncertain.


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