Dusty From ‘Under The Bridge’ Might Have Moved On With Her Life

Dusty was one of the Shoreline Six from Under The Bridge.

According to Rebecca Godfrey’s book Under The Bridge, the 1997 incident involved Missy Grace Pleich, aka “Dusty.”

Pleich was one of the girls who started the initial beating, reportedly due to Reena Virk’s race.

Following the incident, the six girls were convicted of assault in juvenile court. They received sentences ranging from 60-day conditional sentences to one year in jail.

However, Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski were both tried as adults in separate trials.

Key Takeaways

  • Dusty accused Glowatski but did not mention Ellard’s name.
  • Some netizens claimed a profile to be real Missy Grace Pleich.

Dusty, In Episode 5 of Under The Bridge

In the episode, Missy Grace Pleich “Dusty,” Kelly, and Josephine plan to go to Mexico to escape from the police.

They approach Dusty about Mexico, but their expressions show they are scared she would crack under pressure.

When Dusty goes to the police department, Cam confronts her about the call she made reporting about Glowatski.

Dusty doubles down on her assertion and signs the witness statement but does not mention Kelly’s name. This might be because she wants to prove her trustworthiness towards Kelly and Josephine.

Where Is Missy Grace Pleich, The Real Dusty?

No genuine reports give information about the current whereabouts of the real Dusty.

Nevertheless, there is a social platform where “Missy Pleich” has been mentioned.

But, one user @canuckster19 from Vancouver, included a social media profile of Missie Pleich, who the user claims to be one of the bullies.

Canuckster 19 writes,

“One of the bullies…. Yikes… what a see you next Tuesday!” along with a social media profile.

Canuckster 19

The lady’s profile depicts a high school in Saanich, Capital Regional District, British Columbia, Canada, the same location as Virk’s high school.

Alleged Missie Pleich is married and has a son. If this is the same Missy Pleich, then she appears to have moved on with her life.

Note: There isn’t any genuine source to prove that Missy Grace Pleich (involved in Reena Virk’s case) and the alleged (by the social platform user) “Missie Pleich” are the same person.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • The writer of the book Under the Bridge, Rebecca Godfrey, at 13, lost her brother, who drowned in the ocean.
  1. Missie lives in Grande Prairie, had 5 children only has custody of the youngest. She’s a child abuser and drug user. Check Nyla pleich her daughter’s account on Tik Tok.


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