Get To Know The Family Of Kelly Ellard From Under The Bridge

Kelly Ellard's family have been suffering since the 1997 incident.

The 2024 Hulu Mini-Series Under the Bridge is about a 14-year-old girl named Reena Virk who goes to a party with her friends and never returns home.

Virk’s teenage friends beat her, and she later drowned on the night of November 14, 1997. Three of the six friends, including Kelly Ellard, pleaded guilty following the incident.

Ellard was charged with second-degree murd*r and was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for seven years following her third trial in 2005.

However, in June 2017, Kelly Ellard, who changed her name to Kerry Marie Sim, was granted day parole.

In 2022, the authorities denied Sim’s request for full parole while her day parole continued.

Additionally, she gave birth to two kids, one in prison and another while on day parole in 2020.

Some of Kelly’s family members have come into the picture throughout these life events. Let’s know about them.

Key Takeaways

  • Kelly’s parents, Susan and Lawrence, supported her through and through.
  • Kelly’s grandmother broke down in tears as she couldn’t believe the news.

Kelly’s Parents Have Been Present During The Hearings

During the first court trial, Kelly’s parents, Susan Pakos and Lawrence Ellard, were in the public chamber two rows behind her.

Although Lawrence and Susan had parted ways a few years ago, they were there for their daughter.

Not much is known about Lawrence’s professional life and his current whereabouts. On the other hand, Susan works in the city hall.

Working there, she has continuously dealt with the public every day. Despite the embarrassment and shame, Susan has stood up for Kelly at every step.

Moreover, Susan is married to George Pakos, who has been very supportive of her.

Kelly’s Grandmother Didn’t Believe Her Granddaughter Could Do Such Crime

Helen Sims, Kelly’s grandmother, was walking into a store when she saw her granddaughter’s face on the front page.

One woman said, “Boy. Is that Ellard girl guilty or what? Just look at her.” To which Mrs. Sims responded, “Well, she’s not guilty.”

The woman asked, “How do you know?

Because I’m her grandmother,” Sims responded.

Before the final verdict, Helen didn’t believe her granddaughter could have committed such a heinous crime. Her granddaughter might have been involved in the gang-beating, but she didn’t believe it went beyond that.

Per Helen, her granddaughter was a good kid who loved animals and poetry, but her parents’ divorce devasted her, leading her to be around bad influences.

After Kelly was found guilty, Mrs. Sims couldn’t control herself and broke down in tears in front of McDonald’s restaurant, her regular spot.

Who Is The Father Of Kelly’s Two Kids?

Kelly Sims is looking forward to having a “pro-social life.” Following the split with her two kids’ father, Kelly has been raising her kids as a single mother inside the nursery at Fraser Valley Institution.

The father of her kids, Darwin Dorozan, and Kelly met while they were out on day parole.

Dorozan was serving a seven-year, two-month sentence for pleading guilty to 11 counts. He broke into several homes to steal things to finance a heroin addiction.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Izzy G, known for her roles in AJ and the Queen and B Positive, plays Kelly Ellard in Under the Bridge.
  • Along with Kelly, Warren Glowatski was another friend who was found guilty. After spending 11 years in prison, Glowatski is now a free man.


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