Nicole Cook Became Stripper After Serving Her Time

Nicole worked as a stripper but came back to her homeland, Canada, after not finding any success.

During the ’90s, the crime against Reena Virk horrified all the immigrants in Canada, but if only Nicole Cook hadn’t been such a big bad bully, then there is a chance that Reena Virk would still be here with us today.

But that’s not the case. The crime has already been committed. With Hulu’s Under The Bridge, the infamous case has come to light again.

And now, most of the series’ fans are concerned about where Nicole Cook is now and how she was in real life.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive right into the life of Nicole Cook.

Key Takeaways

  • Nicole Cook was only 14 when she committed a crime, and then she was sentenced to 1 year by the court.
  • The convicted criminal didn’t feel remorse at all.
  • Nicole worked as a stripper but came back to her homeland, Canada, after not finding any success.

Born in 1983, Nicole Cook was 14 at the time when she committed that heinous crime.

Nicole was raised by a single mother for some time during her childhood. However, Nicole didn’t have a good relationship with her, which is why she was sent to live in the group home.

According to rumors, she was highly influenced by an Italian gangster named John Gotti. With an aim to be a gangster, she began committing crimes at a young age.

Nicole was quite skilled at breaking into cars and stealing valuables. She was also accused of stealing clothes from many local shops.

At one point in time, she was invited into the home of Reena Virk, and she managed to steal some jewelry and a video camera.

Her desire to be a criminal made her the leader among bullies in school.

One day, poor Reena spread rumors about her to get some attention. The wanna-be gangsta saw this as disrespect, so she decided to take revenge against her.

Then, she led a group of 8 kids and initiated a brutal crime by putting out her cigarette in Reena’s face.

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Thus, the crime was committed.

Nicole Cook Didn’t Feel Guilty After Committing A Murder

During the case trial, Nicole Cook was calm and composed. Later, she was sentenced to one year in prison.

Then, later in her 20s, she was interviewed by MSNBC, where she said:

I’m not responsible for [Reena’s] death in any way, shape, or form. I wasn’t there. I didn’t kill her.

The MSNBC interview has now been archived, and you can check the whole article here.

Moreover, from that interview, we learned that she had been working as a stripper for some time in Los Angeles.

As per our sources, she went by the name Nicole Jordan during that time.

Her wages during those days were the bare minimum. She worked for the agency named Stripper Entertainment at Penthouse Nightclub.

However, since the proper documentation isn’t available, this info might also be a speculation.

After not finding success in her career, she returned to her homeland in Canada and currently resides in Vancouver.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Kelly Ellard and Warren were the only ones who were given lifetime imprisonment for the case.
  • Kelly Ellard’s family came to support her during her trial.


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