Ed Skrein Shares A Son With His Mystery Girlfriend

Edward George Skrein is an English actor, filmmaker, and rapper who came to the limelight from his role in Deadpool.

Since Skrein appeared as Daario Naharis in season 3 of Game of Thrones, fans started exploring his personal life, especially his dating life.

However, the Rebel Moon actor keeps his life to himself and does not share much in the media.

Netizens have the habit of finding any connecting links possible, and if they do not find any, they start speculating about things.

Similarly, there have been a few rumors about the actor’s love interest, his marriage, and being a father.

Out of them, all the later rumors happen to be true. Follow the article to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Ed Skrein shares a son with a lady whose identity is still under wraps.
  • The Deadpool actor believes he was sent to this earth to become a father.

Ed Skrein Has A Son With His Girlfriend

The British actor, who does not discuss much about his family life, leads a private life in London.

Although his current dating status is not known, Skrein used to date a lady whose name is kept a secret.

He has hit some red carpets with this “secret” girlfriend, known to have African roots.

Ed shares a son, Marley, who was born in 2011. An article from 2015 suggested that the Deadpool actor lived with his partner and their son in East London.

Ed’s Favorite Pastime Activity Was Playing With His Son

When his son, Marley, was a toddler, Skrein used to spend most of his spare time with him.

As per the father, his favorite thing to do when he’s not acting is to spend time with his kid.

Ed loved everything he did with his son “being in the playground, taking his friends out and going out for ice cream, and going to the jungle gym.”

Additionally, the British actor said that being a father has changed him a lot, and he wants his son to grow up with emotional literacy and intelligence.

Furthermore, when asked what being a dad meant to him, he said, “It’s the reason I was put on this planet and the most important part of my life. And the funniest.”

Ed Strein Rumors With Angelina Jolie

For Joachim Ronning’s 2019 movie, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Ed Skrein joined the team, which included Angelina Jolie.

There were rumors of the 49-year-old actress being involved in a romantic relationship with the British actor.

Some reports suggested that the Maleficent actress had a major crush on Ed, while others suggested that Jolie was just doing this to make her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, jealous.

Additionally, Angelina reportedly had something to do with Ed getting a part in the movie Maleficent.

Despite all these rumors, there hasn’t been a single incident where the two actors were photographed together.

Had they been dating, the eagle-eyed paparazzi would have captured them through their lens. So, we can conclude that these were just baseless rumors.


How Many Children Does Ed Skrein Have?

Ed Skrein has a son named Marley Skrein. However, there are reports that suggest that the British actor has two other kids besides Marley.


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