Elisabeth Moss Fractured Her Vertebra Filming ‘The Veil’ | Critics Criticized The Series Plot

Moss' on-screen injury didn't stop her from filming.

Key Takeaways

  • Elisabeth Moss had a scary on-set injury shooting ‘The Veil.’
  • Despite the fracture, she continued filming for the series.
  • Early reviews of ‘The Veil’ suggest that the series may not meet expectations.

Istanbul, Turkey: The Emmy-winning actress Elisabeth Moss recently made headlines due to a significant injury she sustained while filming her latest project, ‘The Veil.’

Moss fractured a vertebra in her back while shooting a challenging stunt scene for the FX spy series.

Moss, who stars as MI6 agent Imogen Arrowsmith in the series, detailed the scary on-set injury in an interview with Variety.

She was filming the climactic fight in episode 2, where Imogen battles an assailant on a rooftop above Instanbul’s Grand Bazaar.

The [scene] you see in the show is actually the second time we shot it, about six weeks later,” Moss revealed.

The first time we shot it I hit a wall the wrong way, let’s just say, and ended up lying on the roof for a couple hours.

Her producing partner, Denise Di Novi, was in awe of Moss’s grit, saying, “I can’t believe that she continued working” after fracturing her vertebra so severely.

Thankfully, FX allowed the production to return to Istanbul weeks later to re-shoot the critical rooftop sequence properly once Moss had recovered somewhat.

Well, I didn’t know if we were going to be able to come back and shoot on this rooftop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul,” she revealed.

It’s not like that is an easy thing to accomplish. But luckily, we, as a production, and then FX, thank God, let us go back and shoot it again. Which was incredible, an incredible opportunity.”

Di Novi praised the discipline instilled in Moss from her dance training for helping her nail the demanding action scenes.

I think the discipline and coordination of being a dancer made a huge difference for her,” Di Novi said.

I think it was great for the show that Lizzie was able to stay in character and retained the character in the action scenes. She just did so much work and preparation and rehearsal.”

While Moss’ commitment to her role is commendable, early reviews of ‘The Veil‘ suggest that the series may not meet expectations.

Critics have criticized the clinched plot twist, inconsistent characterization, and implausible storylines.

The story, which attempts to blend spy thriller elements with themes of maternal devotion and political conspiracy, has been faulted for its lack of originality.

The portrayal of Adilah, a rumored ISIS commander, has mainly come under speculation for its handling of terrorism and the motivation behind it.

Some reviewers argue that the character’s backstory and motivations are presented in a manner that undermines the seriousness of the subject matter, leading to melodrama.

Despite the criticisms, ‘The Veil‘ features a talented cast and ambitious storytelling.

However, its execution may leave viewers wanting more from a genre that demands tension, authenticity, and a compelling storyline.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Elisabeth Moss holds dual citizenship, both American and British, as her father is from England, and her mother is from the States.
  • Moss shares her birthdate with actresses Anna Paquin and Lauren Miller Rogen.


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