Ella Purnell Often Questioned About Any Underlying Health Issue Because of Her Eyes

The English actress, Ella Summer Purnell, has saucer-sized eyes.

Ella Purnell’s eyes have often caught the notice of her fans. Although she has beautiful eyes, Purnell’s eyes are slightly wider than normal.

One Reddit user addresses this, writing, “She is a great actress, but there is definitely something with the eyes, like a Simpson character. That is not natural.”

Another Reddit user replies to this thread, “What do you mean not natural? Do you think she has synthetic eyes? Do you think she got surgery to make her eyes do that? Use your brain.

“Her eyes are a telltale sign of hyperthyroidism/Graves Disease/Thyroid Eye Disease (TED).

“Don’t negatively comment on people’s appearances. So insensitive. You’d think everyone would’ve learned after Chadwick.”

This might have raised concern among her fans if the Fallout actress has health issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Ella Purnell advocates for young people suffering from anxiety and depression.
  • Purnell has a condition that isn’t good for any lead actors.

Ella Purnell Suffers From Anxiety

The Ordeal by Innocence actress experienced her first panic attack at 13. She could feel it in her bones and was hyperventilating and completely strange to the feeling.

Explaining her experience, she said,

“I couldn’t identify what the feeling was. I felt worried and scared but I didn’t know why.”

Purnell also blamed the British education system for not providing knowledge to help her understand and cope.

Unable to help herself, the English actress’ anxiety started worsening, and by 14 or 15, it reached the extent that she began self-harming.

To feel relieved, she used to cut her upper arms deep enough to leave scars. However, these activities were never a solution and didn’t stop the panic attacks.

Ella kept this thing to herself because of the stigma that you do it for attention. However, now, Purnell openly talks about her mental health struggles and has become a YoungMinds ambassador.

The Yellowjackets actress wants to remove the stigma and let young people know they are not alone.

I have always felt passionate about talking openly and removing the stigma around mental health, after my own struggles as a teenager with anxiety, depression and self-harm left me feeling alone and unable to ask for help.

– Ella Purnell

Ella Has A Stomach Condition

The 27-year-old actor follows a proper diet plan and workout routine to keep herself healthy.

Another reason why she takes extra caution about what she eats is because she has a stomach condition and cannot eat certain foods.

So, Ella maintains a healthy diet (minus seafood), and stomach issues are not something you should have when working as a lead in movies.

There was a particular incident where Purnell had to eat an oyster for a movie scene, to which she strictly put out the disclaimers to the producers: If I eat an oyster, I’m taking two weeks off work because I will be so sick.

Besides, to properly care for her health, she also goes hiking and roller skating as part of her workout regime.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Ella Purnell is in a relationship with Max Bennett Kelly. Kelly is a singer-songwriter who quit his job to focus on music.
  • Purnell has three half-siblings, Noa, Enzo, and Leon Reid, from her father’s second marriage with Isabelle Peterson Reid.


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