Enduring Lovestory Of Ben Azelart And Hannah Thomas Has Stood The Test Of Time

Midway through 2021, Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas began dating. The couple started appearing more regularly on each other’s social media posts, and they have been in a romantic relationship for three years.

Ben Azelart was born on January 10, 2002, in Houston, Texas, to Jill and Lionel Azelart.

His mother, Jill, is a dental hygienist, while his father, Lionel, is Hawaii Airlines Inc.’s fleet captain.

He spent most of his childhood in Hawaii with his brother, Julien Azelart.

Julien also owns a YouTube Channel with 647K subscribers. He joined the platform on Jan 7, 2021, and makes Hardcore Minecraft challenge videos on his channel.

Ben attended Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii, after which he pursued higher education at a local private university.

As of April 2024, YouTuber Ben Azelart has 25.8M subscribers. He started his YouTube career on June 5, 2014.

Ben Roger Azelart, aka Ben Azelart, is widely known for his adventurous, challenging, and prank videos on YouTube and TikTok.

Ben has acted as Host-Ben in Stay Wild (2021). In addition, Ben Azelart (2016) and the TV Mini-Series Piper Rockelle (2021) are a few in which he worked as a writer.

Hannah’s YouTube Chronicles: Behind the Scenes with Ben and Their Love Story!

Ben’s girlfriend Hannah joined YouTube on Jul 6, 2023, and has over 27.4K subscribers; since then, she has been vlogging about their relationships and planned trips.

In her latest vlog, she shared that on March 7, 2024, they embarked on an exhilarating Miami getaway to witness their neighbor’s live UFC fight.

During their stay, Ben’s family in Miami, including his uncle and cousins, hosted them.

Given the geographical distance, Ben and Hannah don’t often have the opportunity to visit their relatives, making this reunion particularly special for them both.

Despite being together for three years, this trip marked Hannah’s first meeting with Ben’s cousins.

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Azelart’s Instagram post, ”3 years with you🤎,” on December 30, 2023, further confirms that they haven’t split yet.

On February 28, 2024, Ben delighted his audience with a livestream titled “I SURVIVED 100 YEARS OF DATING!” featuring his girlfriend, Hannah. Remarkably, this video has now surpassed 7 million views as of 2024.


1) What Is The ”Stay Wild” Podcast About?

On October 7, 2020, Ben Azelart started a comedy podcast, Stay Wild,” which features him and two friends talking about their crazy adventures and experiences. As of now, the podcast has 3.05 million subscribers.

2) What Was Ben’s First Television Role?

In 2018, for his first television role, Azelart was cast as Bobby in the five-episode series Brobot.

3) Besides Content Creation On The YouTube, What Is Ben Passionate About?

Azelart is a thrill seeker and once mentioned that he would be a pilot if he had not been creating content.

4) Is Ben Bilingual?

Yes, he is bilingual, and he can speak fluent French.


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