Eric Winter, The Actor Behind Tim Bradford, Who Was Rumored To Leave ‘The Rookie,’ Completes Season 6

In Season 6 Episode 6 of The Rookie, Tim Bradford, played by Eric Winter, refuses to break the law to cover up their lie.

Bradford, who initially follows Ray Watkins, later arrests Ray after catching him breaking the law.

Moreover, Ray’s final screwup plan to end Bradford’s career fails as Internal Affairs (IA) ultimately dismisses Ray’s claims due to lack of evidence.

To come clean, Bradford lies about the circumstances to IA and might face repercussions.

Bradford does not feel good about lying and feels the need to punish himself. Furthermore, he comes to the conclusion that he does not deserve any love and breaks up with Lucy Chen.

With four episodes remaining, the pair might come together by the end of the season.

Previously, after wrapping Season 5, Tim Bradford was rumored to leave the show, but that did not happen.

Let’s delve into the details of how the rumor about Tim leaving the show after Season 5 started.

Key Takeaways

  • There were rumors that Eric Winter’s character, Tim Bradford, would feature in the spinoff.
  • The uncertainty about The Rookie Season 7: Will the be a new season?

Rumors About Tim’s Being Written Off The Show

During The Rookie Season 5, one fan started a Reddit thread speculating about the potential spinoff starring Eric Winter as Tim Bradford.

“So we’re all agreed that The Rookie: Metro is the next spinoff, right?” the Reddit user wrote. “A proper backdoor pilot is gonna happen pretty soon, I’m sure, same as Feds. Eric Winter can handle a lead role.”

Another user commented, “I will 100% watch an Eric Winter lead show over The Rookie: Feds.”

Replying to the thread, someone wrote, “But nooo, then it’s gonna be weird not having Tim all the time. I just don’t think it would work, plus there is already a swat tv series. I don’t think it would pay off.”

However, there were some who were certain that Season 5 was not the end for Winter’s character Tim, which happened to be true.

One wrote, “It seems much more likely to me that we will see more of Metro integrated with the patrol team and detectives of the station.”

Other than some speculations from fans, there wasn’t any rigid reason why Tim would not continue in the show.

Considering one of the show’s unique selling points, the relationship between Tim and Lucy, it seemed impractical to write off Winter’s character.

Later, in Season 6, the storyline continued, featuring Eric Winter as Tim Bradford and offering more of Tim and Lucy’s chemistry.

Will There Be A Season 7 of The Rookie?

Episode 6 of total 10 of Season 6 aired on April 9, 2024, but ABC has not renewed the show for Season 7.

However, considering the popularity of the Nathan Fillion-led series, the renewal is almost guaranteed.

Typically, The Rookie would be renewed for a new season before the latest version finished airing. And there are still a few more episodes before the season ends.

Another reason ABC is taking time for renewals might be the 2023 writers’ strike for fair wages.


Is Eric Winter Married?

Eric Winter has been married to Roselyn Sanchez since November 29, 2008. From their union, they have welcomed two children: daughter Sebella (2012) and son Dylan (2017).

In Which Season of ‘The Rookie’ Did Tim And Lucy Go On A Date?

Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen went on a date in Season 5 of The Rookie.


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