Everything About The Late Interventionist Geri Bemister

Due to this horrific incident in her life, she suffered from huge traumas, and to forget all of it, she started consuming alco*ol.

Geri Bemister, the interventionist of the two-time Primetime Emmy Award-winning series “Intervention,” appeared in two episodes of seasons 21 and 22.

On June 24th, Geri was remembered by all the people whom she inspired to bring about positive change in their lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Geri Bemister was a famous interventionist who worked as a behavioral scientist, business owner, addictions counselor, and business owner.
  • Even after having a troubled past and an addiction problem, Bemister transformed her life by educating herself.
  • Her life serves as an inspiration for many individuals around the world.

Geri Bemister Was A Multi-talented Individuals

Throughout her lifetime, Geri tried her hand at different types of job roles.

At one point in time, she worked as an addictions counselor and director of operations at the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in Calgary.

Besides that, she was also a behavioral scientist and a business owner.

Bemister had acquired a knowledge of criminal justice in 5 different countries.

In fact, at one point, she also became a faculty member in the Department of Criminology at Vancouver Island University.

Then, she went on to be a professor in the Department of Criminology at North Island College in Courtenay.

But sadly, this multi-talented individual passed away at 53. Before her demise, she had been battling cancer for quite a long time.

The news of her suffering from this deadly disease first broke out when she gave an interview to the Vancouver Sun.

While explaining her lifestyle in the interview, she said,

I have a disease that is out to kill me. My medication is about living the best life I can and being the best person I can be.

Geri Bemister

Even after learning the reason for her demise, most of the fans were devastated when they heard of Geri’s passing.

To express their discomfort, one of her fans on Reddit wrote,

I just saw some of her episodes on Netflix! I was like, who’s this amazing interventionist!? This is so sad.

But he wasn’t the only person who was sad after hearing this heartbreaking news. Another fan of her life wrote,

I just finished Danielle’s episode and audibly gasped when I saw the news of Geri’s passing at the end. What a tragic loss. May she rest in peace 

However, her contribution to the world didn’t go unnoticed, as on her one-year d*ath anniversary, she was honored for her work in addiction recovery and criminal justice.

Geri Had Won Against Her Alcohol Addiction

Even though she couldn’t win her battle against cancer, Geri Bemister did win the battle against her alco*ol addiction.

While Bemister was just around 5 years old, she was se*ually ab*sed by one of her trusted relatives.

This toxic cycle continued till she became a 13-year-old girl.

Due to this horrific incident in her life, she suffered from huge traumas, and to forget all of it, she started consuming alco*ol and dr*gs.

But her mother and sister didn’t want her to throw her life away, so they intervened and got her into rehab.

After the rehab, she took on the challenge of educating herself.

Later on, she earned a master’s degree in criminal justice.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Geri is native of Langford.
  • The inspiring individual was also a star pitcher on her college fastball team.
  • Bemister became the youngest female in a federal penitentiary at 19.


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