Former 1017 Rapper Enchanting Alive As Confirmed By Her Sister Kay Jay

Still, what happened to her remains a mystery!!!

The latest news that former 1017 artist Enchanting has been admitted to the hospital is dramatically breaking down the internet.

The news of Enchanting’s admission to the hospital has been further confirmed by Johnnie Damn D, her rapper friend, via video.

Key Takeaways

  • Lately, Enchanting is fighting for her life.
  • Johnnie Damn D’s statement further approved her news of admission to the Hospital.
  • Before this incident, she was mourning the loss of her friend, Big Scarr.

Johnnie requested to pray for his friend, Enchanting, for her fast recovery.

In addition, Johnnie Damn appeared to be on the verge of a breakdown, which further solidified his depth of bond and attachment with Enchanting.

One more rapper from 1017, FTO Sett, posted a picture of her, which indicates her critical condition.

Recently, every picture and video of Enchanting has been grabbing the deep attention of her admirers.

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After Enchanting’s revelation regarding her health condition, thousands of her hard-core and no-hardcore fans are praying for her and her family through prayers and heartfelt comments.

Suddenly, when one of the reputed media houses, No Jumper, posted ”Enchanting had passed away” along with her picture, it broke the hearts of her fanbase.

However, just a few hours ago, her sister, Kay Jay, tweeted to confirm to her fans that Enchanting is not d*ad yet.

Further, Kay appealed for the prayers for Enchanting and not to be blown away by false statements.

Still, what happened to her remains a mystery!!!

Reportedly, as per rumors generated by fans, she was a victim of an accidental overdose.

This might have happened as she was badly affected by the demise of her fellow rapper in 2022, who was also encountered in a similar kind of situation.

The Loss Of Rapper Big Scarr Has Left An Incurable Mark on Enchanting’s Heart

Enchanting was deeply grieved by the unexpected demise of Big Scarr due to an accidental overdose of drugs.

She was heartbroken by Big’s absence. On December 25, 2022, she expressed her grief through an emotional caption along with the video where she and Big Scarr were dancing together.

She said,

My favorite hype man 💔❤️ I love you so much wish this was a dream everyday I wake up to text saying am I ok & I realize it’s reality 🥹 I’m so heartbroken n I’m not ok I just want my dawg back we used to stay together literally wake up to his ass everyday n I’ll keep them memories close forever 💔”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Channing Nicole Larry is Enchanting’s real name.
  • At 18, she started her musical journey.


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