Former Employee Of Best Buy’s Geek Squad Keith Papini’s Net Worth Is Estimated To Be Around $100,000

Now, Sherri Papini has been asking him to pay for her $30,000 legal fees in a custody battle.

Redding, California-based Keith Papini’s net worth is close to $100,000.

Though in 2022, Keith Papini’s ex-wife, Sherri Papini, was sentenced to an 18-month prison sentence, she was only incarcerated for 11 months for faking her abduction.

Keith filed for divorce in 2022, which was granted the following year. Sherri has been asking him to pay her $30,000 legal fees in a custody battle.

In addition, she is demanding Keith hand over Grandpa’s truck, an inflatable water slide, a leaf blower, and a smart TV, which they used to have at home in Redding.

Sherri told the court that she only makes $1,000 a month as a ‘consultant’ at Lady Moon Entertainment and has to pay half of that in rent.

Previously, Keith had given her $10,000 after their divorce.

In April 2024, massive layoffs hit Best Buy’s Geek Squad. Many members were told to work from home and wait for a call to find out if they were still employed.

Keith was also one of the employees laid off from Best Buy’s Geek Squad, so he clearly stated he could not pay her legal fees.

Since Keith’s earnings are not exact, the estimated total pay range for a Geek Squad Agent at Best Buy is $17–$22 per hour, which includes base salary and additional pay, cash bonus, stock, commission, and profit sharing or tips.

Keith is covering his own expenses with assistance from his family after being laid off from his job.

Recently, Keith strongly objected to allowing his ex-wife more access to their children without supervision. His primary focus is to take care of his children.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • In June 2024, he spoke with ABC 7 NY ahead of Hulu’s “Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini” about his motivation for participating in the docuseries. He said he wanted to get the truth out. There had been so many lies and misreporting during that time, and he wanted to convey what happened to his family and friends.


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