From Mother’s Hands to Self-Love: Antonia Gentry’s Curly Hair Tale

Antonia Gentry says that it's sometimes a struggle to have textured hair.

Atlanta, Georgia: Antonia Gentry shared that she began embracing her natural locks once equipped with tools to protect her hair in different styles.

The Ginny & Georgia star partnered with Aveda, an American cosmetics company, for its Be Curly Advanced line.

Gentry, who is very hesitant to partner in haircare, joined hands with Aveda because their new line offers so much care, attention, science, and research that actually caters to curly hair.

While discussing her collaboration, she highlighted that being in the entertainment industry, your hair undergoes some real hardships.

Now, working with different stylists, Gentry feels comfortable speaking up about what she wants with her hair.

But did you know? Her mother used to style her hair, and she knew exactly what to do with her daughter’s hair.

Okay, now that we have mentioned her mother, let’s learn about Gentry’s parents.

Key Takeaways

  • Antonia Gentry is very close to her father, Tony, and mother, Sandra.
  • Her parents’ love for movies inspired her career in acting.

Antonia Gentry Has Biracial Parents

Antonia Bonea Gentry was born to a Jamaican-born mother, Sandra, and a White father, Tony, on September 25, 1998.

As a black woman, her mother, Sandra, always provided guidance whenever she felt uncertain about her identity.

In May 2023, the Candy Jar actress took a trip down memory lane and shared a throwback picture from her childhood.

The post included two old photos of her mother holding her and captioned it, “momma ♥️.” This provides a little glimpse into their mother-daughter relationship.

Similarly, her father also got a dedicated post, and why shouldn’t he? As he is also an equally loving parent.

In June of the same year, Antonio shared two pictures of her father with the caption, “pops 🥰.”

Her parents, Tony and Sandra, shared their wedding vows on October 27, 1991. Moreover, having biracial parents, she gained extra perspective on life from both parents, greatly shaping her own over the years.

Antonia’s Parents Inspired Her Acting Career

The Ginny & Georgia star’s mother reportedly used to write plays, create sets, and design costumes for the local community theatre.

On the other hand, her father, Tony, is an assistant chief at Beech Island Fire Rescue and works in the IT department.

Although her parents followed different career paths, they both were big cinephiles.

Antonia grew up watching different films and performances, which helped her know her passion at an early age.

Moreover, she knows the role her parents played and credits her budding career to them.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Antonia Gentry is 5 feet 1 inches tall (1.55 meters).
  • Gentry went to Davidson Fine Arts, and later, she also attended Emory University.


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