Iantha Richardson Has Only Been Acting For A Decade: All About The The Will Trent Actress

Iantha Richardson, who stars as Det. Faith Mitchell, is one of the frequent faces appearing in the ABC police procedural crime drama television series Will Trent.

Her performance in the series is continuously garnering love and attention from the fans. Per Richardson, her character is a perfect representation of where she comes from.

Additionally, ‘Faith Mitchell’ sets an example for people that anything is possible and also helps to show the complexities of Black women.

Besides garnering love from her fans, Iantha Richardson is inspiring people to do things out of the box.

Iantha, who plays Will’s partner in the ABC series, reportedly only started acting around the mid-2010s and continues to challenge herself with new endeavors one after another.

Let’s delve in to find out more about this inspirational actress who is dismantling stereotypes.

Key Takeaways

  • Iantha Richardson has an undergraduate degree in Dance and African American studies.
  • Richardson’s mother passed away in 2019.

Iantha Richardson Is A Ballet Dance Teacher

The This Is Us actress has had a passion for the performing arts since the age of 3, and she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Dance and African American Studies from Fordham University in 2012.

While she was pursuing her degree, she simultaneously began teaching at The Ailey Schools youth division.

Additionally, Richardson worked for the Harlem School for Arts and Harlem Children’s Zone.

Iantha also works as a dance instructor. The American Ballet Certified Ballet instructor trained under some of the most profound teachers.

As a professional dancer, she has performed with several companies in various music videos and commercials.

Richardson Loves Her Parents Very Much

Iantha Richardson was born to her parents on June 16, 1990, in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

If you follow the Will Trent star on her Instagram @ianthasherri, you will see her love for her parents, as they are frequently featured on her feed.

Her very first Instagram post features a picture of herself during her childhood with her father. In the post, she has wished her father on Father’s Day.

She wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s who are nothing short of amazing on a day to day basis! ❤️ My First love and in such little time, set standards higher than imaginable of what a man is supposed to be. Love you daddy 😊👼.”

Similarly, Iantha shared a strong bond with her mother, Toni.

December 3: A Day of Mixed Emotions For Iantha

In 2019, Iantha’s best friend, her mother Toni, passed away. Interestingly, the day her mother took her last breath was the same day Iantha’s father was born.

The Will Trent actress penned an emotional post on December 13, 2019, along with a series of pictures of her mother.

In her heartfelt tribute, Iantha describes her mother as her angel on earth, her best friend, protector, teacher, mentor, provider, rock, inspiration, and everything.

Despite the hurt, she remains grateful for the overwhelming love her mother showered upon her.

Even though it has been a few years since her mother’s passing, Iantha never fails to dedicate a post to her mother on her birthdays.


What Is Iantha Richardson Best Known For?

Iantha Richardson is best known for her role as Faith Mitchell in Will Trent. Besides, she has also appeared in This Is Us, Good Trouble, and Benny Got Shot.


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