Is Manny Perez Leaving Season 2 of ”Fire Country”? Spoilers Alert!

Manny Perez is likely to make an appearance on season's finale episode for his daughter's wedding.

The story plot of season 2, episode 10 of Fire Country, “I Do,” is about Manny Perez’s daughter Gabriela preparing to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. So Manny’s admirers don’t get disheartened, he might come in the final episode to witness his daughter’s special moment.

The Fire Country season 2 finale will air on CBS on Friday, May 17, 2024.

Uncertainty about whether Manny Perez (Kevin Alejandro) will reappear in the season 2 finale episode arose after he assaulted DC Luke Leone in season 2 episode 9, “No Future, No Consequences.”

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Manny desperately hoped to be present at the final moment with his daughter, Gabriela Perez, a young paramedic (played by Stephanie Arcila). Still, whether he will make a comeback in the season 2 Fire Country finale remains uncertain.

In an interview with TV Insider, Kevin Alejandro explained Manny’s circumstances when asked whether Manny’s character will reappear in the season finale.

He said,

Honestly, he wants that final moment to see her in her dress and tell her how proud he is of her, how much he loves her, and to give her the confirmation that he will always be there, no matter how difficult it may or may not be. That’s really all he wants is just that final moment, that “I love you, mija” moment.”

Kevin Alejandro

Kevin’s statement suggests that Manny’s possibility of coming back in the finale episode of season 2 is high.

Spoiler Alert!! Read At Your Own Risk!!

Plot Explanation Behind Manny’s Arrest Warrant

Season 2, episode 8 of Fire Country: It’s Not Over proved that it’s too early for Manny to get involved with Three Rock and that he’s not yet the right captain to lead inmate firefighters.

In season 2, episode 9, Manny Perez (Kevin Alejandro) gets out of control due to the stress of potentially losing the job he loves.

The former ”Three Rock” captain Manny faced a disciplinary investigation for punching division chief Luke Leone (Michael Trucco) and accidentally starting a fire at the Firefighters’ Ball.

Manny confronts Luke as the one trying to shut down ”Three Rock,” and Luke is a real jerk who always mouths off with his daughter Gabriela (Stephanie Arcila), his officer Eve (Jules Latimer), or anyone else who has something to say about his behavior.

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With an arrest warrant against Manny, it seems difficult for him to enjoy his daughter’s wedding or even see her walk down the aisle.

He believes skipping town and going MIA would keep him from getting arrested, which could potentially not pave the way for him to witness his daughter’s wedding.

If the situation were normal, he would not miss his daughter’s wedding.

His intention not to make a scene on his daughter’s big day could also force him not to show up in the final episode, or perhaps he might also choose to watch his daughter’s wedding from afar.

However, Manny’s return is highly likely, which could set the stage for a climatic standoff in Fire Country’s upcoming season 2 finale.

While saying so, let’s be utmostly hopeful that Manny’s character will return in the “Fire Country” finale episode.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Fire Country is an American firefighter drama on CBS from creators Max Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater. Season 1 premiered on October 7, 2022.
  • The hit CBS drama season 1 of ”Fire Country’‘ achieved widespread popularity during its runtime, averaging around five million viewers.


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