Jenna Jameson’s Drinking Habits Led to the End of Her Marriage with Jessi Lawless

In less than a year of marriage, Jenna Jameson and her wife Jessi Lawless are parting ways.

On April 16, 2024, Lawless took to her Instagram to announce that she is divorcing her wife, citing the former adult film star’s alleged drinking habit.

She said, “I told her in the beginning of her relationship that I was drawing a hard line and that drinking had led to so many problems in her life that I would not tolerate it at all under any circumstances.”

Lawless added that her wife, Jenna, had “no remorse” for her decision to drink.

Furthermore, Jessi shared a snapshot of their messages showing how Jameson threatened to sue her.

Key Takeaways

  • They met each other through TikTok and abruptly tied the knot.
  • Jenna Jameson’s wife, Jessi Lawless, is an entrepreneur.

Jenna Jameson And Jessi Lawless Marriage Details

Jenna Jameson and her wife Jessi Lawless took their wedding vows in May 2023.

The former adult star organized the big day at the Little Church of the West in Nevada, the very same place her parents had tied the knot.

Although their wedding included very few people, they are planning on having a bigger one in the future.

The major highlight of their intimate Vegas ceremony was Jessi’s father walking Jenna down the aisle since the former model’s father passed away.

“I was standing up there waiting for her, and I looked at the back of the church and I saw her standing there and I looked at my dad and I said, ‘Dad.’ And he looked over at me and I said, ‘Go walk Jenna down the aisle right now,'” Jessi explained.

They engaged in April 2023 in the privacy of their own bedroom and sealed the deal in less than a month.

Furthermore, Jameson legally took her wife’s last name and started to call herself Jenna Jameson Lawless on social media right after their marriage.

Who Is Jessi Lawless? All About Jenna’s Wife

Jenna Jameson’s wife Jessi was born in Panama City Beach and grew up in Alabama.

At 17, she moved to Florida before shifting to Las Vegas, where she currently resides with her wife.

Lawless is a retired barber who is also known as Flawless Lawless.

In addition to her barber job, she also hosts a podcast, Born Lawless, and co-owns a coffee company, Savage Sip Coffee.

Jessi Is Also A Social Media Sensation

Jessi, a retired hairstylist, has an unapologetic approach to life advice and hopes to inspire her audience.

Lawless, who has a dedicated website “,” has amassed a considerable fan on her social media handles.

The Florida-based entrepreneur has an astonishing on her Tiktok with 1.6 million followers and Instagram with 111k followers.

Among their various social media pages, TikTok holds special significance for Jessi and her wife, Jenna.

The former adult star discovered Jessi while scrolling through TikTok, leading to contact and eventual marriage.


What is Jenna Jameson’s Net Worth?

Jenna Jameson is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million.


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