Joe Alwyn Comes From A Family With Entertainment Background

Joseph Matthew Alwyn, born on February 21, 1991, is an English actor and songwriter who has featured in a number of series, movies, and short films, including A Very Short Film about Longing.

He is also known as the former boyfriend of one of the greatest artists, Taylor Swift.

Joe, obviously not Jonas, and Taylor started dating around late 2016. However, they made their relationship public only after 2020.

Their relationship ended in spring 2023. During their relationship, not only were the two singers close, but their families were also close to one another.

Moreover, the Swift and Alwyn families reportedly spent a Christman at a castle in Ireland in 2018.

Furthermore, Alwyn was Taylor Swift’s parents’ favorite and preferred him over Swift’s other boyfriend.

However, we are not here to talk about Swift’s boyfriends or her parents but about Alwyn’s parents.

A guy with such impeccable acting and singing talent must have artistic parents. If you also thought the same, then you’ve hit the bullseye: Joe Alwyn’s father is in the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Joe’s father and great-grandfather shared a love for the arts.
  • Joe’s mother is an author and therapist.

Joe Alwyn’s Father Is A Filmmaker

Joe is the son of mother Elizabeth and father Richard Alwyn. Richard is a documentary filmmaker and has created British documentaries like Young Margaret: Life, Love, & Letters, Into the Wild, and Cathedrals.

His IMDb page features 12 credits as a director, 7 as a producer, 3 as a writer, and 2 as a cinematographer.

For his artistic presentations, Richard has won the Best Current Affairs Doc. Television Programme award at the Prix Italia Festival in Venice for ‘The Beslan Siege.’

Tracing the artistic roots of Joe’s family, we came to know about his great-grandfather, who was a composer and conductor.

Joe’s musical talent can be credited to his great-grandfather, with whom the Harriet actor has never met.

However, his mother does not belong to the entertainment industry.

Joe’s Mother Is A Psychotherapist

Elizabeth Alwyn (nee. Meakins) is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist specializing in psychotherapy and short-term psychodynamic therapy.

Meakins is also an author and has written four books, which are featured on

Besides, she has also published in journals and magazines and as a columnist for The Independent.


How Many Siblings Does Joe Alwyn Have?

Joe Alwyn has two brothers, elder brother Thomas Alwyn and younger Patrick Alwyn.

Thomas works as a Digital and Marketing Manager at ODI, where he had previously held the positions of Digital Communications Officer and Digital and Marketing Manager.

He attended the University of Cambridge and the University of the Arts London and earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, respectively.

Follwing his Broadcast Journalism degree from UAL, he joined BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Later, he worked at Somethin’ Else, International Alert, and Care International UK.


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