John Mendoza’s Life Behind Comedy: Everything That’s Known About The Comedian

John Mendoza, 73, is an American actor and comedian who has delighted audiences with his comedy since 1984.

After this, he started appearing in top television shows such as “Yes, Dear,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Dharma & Greg,” and “NYPD Blue.”

Moreover, Mendoza hosted his own Showtime Comedy Superstars Special, “John Mendoza: Over Easy,” in 1995.

Besides, he also did numerous standup shows on major comedy stages around the world.

Key Takeaways

  • John Mendoza called his ex-wife when he was in hospital.
  • His last media appearance was in 2021.

John Mendoza Shares Two Kids With His Ex-Wife

During the Health Interrupted podcast with Gina Lombardi and Laura Kaeppeler, John shares some information about his now ex-wife and his two kids.

Mendoza went candid and shared about the stroke he had at 66 and how he called his ex-wife when he had nobody to call.

Additionally, he shares some snips of his life during the pandemic. His son was depressed about the shutdown and not being able to walk freely.

To help his son, the comedian got him to start eating lentils, potatoes, rice, and salads, which did magic.

His son stated that he felt better after he incorporated good eating habits into his life. And this wasn’t the only thing that changed that year.

Mendoza Went All Vegetarian

John Mendoza’s journey towards vegetarianism began unexpectedly during Thanksgiving dinner when he found himself unable to stomach the sight of a dead turkey on the table.

Despite his initial commitment, he went back and forth from eating vegetarian diets to non-veg diets.

As he was struggling with sticking to a healthy diet option, Mendoza eventually made the decision to forego olive oils.

Later, after the pandemic happened, he again turned vegetarian, and this time, it was for good.

During that time, all the fast food options and restaurants were closed, which also helped the comedian to eat vegetarian meals.

This shift not only improved his health but also enhanced his overall fitness and well-being.

Where Is John Now?

This is one of the most searched queries by the comedian’s fans. However, the comedian leads a low-key life and does not make any public appearances.

So, there are no reports suggesting about the whereabouts of John Mendoza.

The last time he made any media appearance was during the Health Interrupted podcast in 2021.


Is John Mendoza Dead?

The American comedian John Mendoza is alive, but he suffered a life-threatening stroke in 2017.


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