Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife Christine Baumgartner Allegedly Exploiting His Wealth Despite Her Own Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth

Lately, Kevin Costner's ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner has been dating financier Josh Connor.

Model and handbag designer Christine Baumgartner’s net worth is estimated at around $3 million as of 2024.

Christine, 50, is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, and she has engaged herself in a plethora of businesses.

She launched her handbag line ”Cat” in 2004 with her friend, Tamara Muro.

Baumgartner designs handbags under the label Cat Bag Couture. She started this venture with the support of her husband, Kevin.

In an interview with the Denver Post in 2005, she explained her journey to becoming a handbag designer, crediting Kevin for his support.

“When I came up with some samples, I showed them to Kevin, and he said they were beautiful and amazing,”

Christine Baumgartner

she recalled.

Christine married American actor and film producer Kevin Costner on September 25, 2004. The former couple split after 19 years of marriage.

Christine filed for divorce on May 1, 2023, while their marriage was officially terminated on February 16, 2024.

Christine shares three teenage children with Kevin: Cayden Wyatt Costner, 17, Hayes Logan Costner, 15, and Grace Avery Costner, 14.

Approximate Net Worth Of Christine Baumgartner

Before Christine’s divorce from Kevin, she lived in a $145 million mansion in Santa Barbara, California, with her children and husband.

Baumgartner refused to move out of their shared home despite their prenup, stating that she had 30 days to vacate the property following their split.

Reportedly, she was manipulating the situation to make him comply with “various financial demands.”

However, Costner was willing to contribute $30K per month as part of his child support obligations for a rental house with an additional $10K for her moving costs.

After her split, Baumgartner shifted to a Montecito, California, rental property with a monthly rent of $40,000.

In June 2023, Kevin accused his estranged wife of withdrawing $95,000 from his bank account to pay for her divorce attorneys and forensic accountant since April 2023 without his consent.

So, he forcefully reduced his ex’s credit card limit to $30,000 per month due to her large charge sum.

Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, attended the 2nd Annual Gala “Rwanda Rocks” Charity Event at Vibrato Jazz Grill on November 04, 2019, in West Hollywood, California (Source: FilmMagic)

Initially, Baumgartner asked for $248,000 a month in child support to maintain the children’s accustomed lifestyle.

She also requested Costner pay for their kids’ private school education, health care expenses, extracurricular activities, and sports fees.

In June 2023, court documents stated that Baumgartner claimed Kevin makes an estimated $1,537,000 monthly as an actor and director.

However, Kevin claimed that since he is no longer under contract for “Yellowstone,” he earned substantially less in 2023 than in 2022, hence incapable of paying his estranged wife the $248,000 per month.

Now, Baumgartner receives $129,755 monthly from Costner to support her children. In addition, the actor paid $200,000 and $100,000 in attorney fees and forensic costs for Christine.

She also claimed that Costner deposited $1 million into an account set up in her name without her consent. She stated that she has chosen not to accept the payment, including an additional $400,000, which can jeopardize her legal rights.

Before an August 2023 child support hearing, she again requested $175,057 a month from Costner to maintain the children’s lifestyle. When they were with their father, they used to fly on private aircraft for luxury vacations.

However, Kevin argued that their children could still enjoy those things with him.

So, in conclusion, we’d like to say that whether she is exploiting her ex’s finances or simply fighting for her rights, Christine clearly maintains a healthy net worth of her own.

In Case You Didn’t know

  • Christine Baumgartner’s birth name is Christine Anne Baumgartner
  • She was born on March 4, 1974, in California.
  • Christine’s estranged husband, Kevin Costner, has a net worth of $250 million as of 2024.
  • Christine Baumgartner is now dating with financier Josh Connor.


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