Lala Anthony’s Blonde Hair Made Her Look Like Her BFF Kim Kardashian

Netizens mistook Lala Anthony for her BFF in her blonde hairdo.

Brooklyn, New York: In 2022, the American television personality and actress Lala made the headlines for styling her hair to a blonde bob.

Following her new hairdo, Lala shared a clip of her rocking the blonde. However, her fans quickly addressed Anthony’s sheer resemblance with her best friend, Kim Kardashian.

Additionally, the video was captioned, “My baby @lala,” which further confused the fans, forcing them to relook the story to verify.

One individual even claimed that The Perfect Find actress was three different people, including Kardashian, Hazel E, and Keri Hilson.

The comparison remarks continued, and one wrote, “She wanna be Kim K sooo bad, and I hate that for her! Alllll the way down to the body, AND poses! Ugh!”

Whatever the netizens may say, “Kardashain’s Twin” or “Kim K Wannable,” Lala and Kim are nothing but each other’s besties.

Key Takeaways

  • Kim Kardashian shares throwback photos with Lala Anthony with a caption, suggesting others to stay away from them.
  • Kim helped Lala with her nonprofit organization.

Kim Warns Others To Not Come Between The Two

In July 2023, the SKIMS founder shared two throwback pictures with Anthony with a warning message.

Kardashian suggested that no one should think about approaching the “happy” pair.

“If u see us happy just leave us alone plz, we deserve this 😝,”

Kim Kardashian

the caption read.

Kardashian’s throwback photos came after several sources reported that the SKIMS founder and Tom Brady, a former football player, are not linked romantically.

So, the post could have been aimed at the media reporting on her romantic life or her friendship with Lala. We never know.

However, we know that the reality TV star and Tom might have briefly dated in 2023.

During a Netflix special, “The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady,” which premiered on May 5, 2024, Kardashian was present to take a shot at roasting the 7-time Super Bowl winner.

Kim also gave Brady the same advice she gave her exes, “Good luck, knowing the best is behind you.” This remark hints at their potential romance in 2023.

Lala Anthony Gets Help From Her BFF For Her Nonprofit Organization

Lala started her own nonprofit organization, ThreeSixty. Anthony, who is also a mother, believes that incredible things can happen with the right opportunities, love, and support.

Hence, her organization aims to provide mentorship to young black men ages 18-21 who are incarcerated in the Robert N. Davoren (RNDC).

The BMF star received a lot of help from her best friend and is grateful to have Kim by her side.

“She’s my best friend, so it’s great to have a better friend that you can bounce ideas off of or say, “What do you think about this?” Anthony said.

I mean, it’s a great thing to talk about and have someone in my corner in that way, and I admire all the amazing things that she’s done, and she has just provided so much support to ThreeSixty as well.

Lala Anthony

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Lala Anthony was married to a former NBA player, Carmelo Anthony, from 2010 to 2021. However, they remain friends, proving that exes can still remain friends.
  • Lala was joined on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2024 by her best friends Kim Kardashian and Lana Del Rey, along with designer Sean McGirr.


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