Lana Gomez’s Parents Encouragement Helped Her Find Her Love For Arts

Sebastian Maniscalco's wife Lana Gomez was born to her parents, Barry and Simone Gomez, on September 6, 1983.

Los Angeles, California: The Los Angeles-based artist Lana Gomez is known for her own design, which she describes as “unexpected, colorful and whimsical, playful but sophisticated, artistic.”

Lana started her art journey when she was very young. Her father introduced her to painting, which quickly became her obsession.

Gomez largely believes that her parents’ constant support helped her to find this path.

“My parents encouraging me really helped me find my own voice,” she said. “It was the first time I honed my craft. It opened up a whole new world for me and there is such a great creative world out there.”

Lana Gomez

Additionally, in 2016, Gomez gave a little sneak peek at what her childhood was like.

She shared a photo of herself painting as a little girl: “#tbt circa 1991 Little Lana and her dad used to paint together for fun!” Her caption read, “Go get some canvas and paints and have at it with your kids! It’s a great way to spend time together.”

Key Takeaways

  • Lana’s mother and stepfather live in Naples, Florida.
  • Lana and her husband are proud parents to their two kids.

Lana’s Mother And Scott Lutgert Are Philanthropists

Lana Gomez’s father, Berry Gomez, reportedly passed away in 2001. Following Berry’s demise, the artist’s mother tied the knot to Scott Lutgert on November 1, 2003.

Simone Chassin currently resides with her husband, Scott, in Naples, Florida. Gomez’s mother previously lived in Memphis for 27 years, raising her family. She worked as a sales and marketing executive until retiring in 1996.

Besides, she volunteers for various charitable organizations and even raised $30 million for the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples.

Moreover, for her selfless contribution to the community, Simone has earned several recognitions, including the 2008 Outstanding Philanthropist and the 2013 Ken Venturi Award.

Similarly, Lana’s stepfather, Scott, who is the chairman of The Lutgert Companies, is also involved in charitable works.

Having served on the Boards of the Shelter for Abused Women and Children and The Philharmonic of Naples, among others, Lutgert has also earned numerous awards.

Lana Gomez And Her Husband Became Parents For The First Time In 2017

Lana and her husband, Sebastian Maniscalco, wed in August 2013 and experienced their first parenthood when their daughter was born.

Almost four years after their marriage, the Gomez-Maniscalco couple welcomed their first child, Serafina Simone Maniscalco, on May 12, 2017.

Gomez took to her Instagram to announce the birth of her daughter and explain the meaning behind the name.

She wrote,

“We are so excited to introduce the newest member of our family — Serafina Simone Maniscalco! Serafina was my grandmother’s name, Simone is Lana’s mom, and Serafina Simone is our baby girl.”

Furthermore, on June 15, 2019, the family of three became four with the addition of their second child, son Caruso Jack Maniscalco.

They continued the tradition of explaining the meaning behind their baby’s name, but this time, Maniscalco explained.

“We’d been thinking about the name Caruso for a while. Lana and I stayed at Hotel Caruso on the Amalfi coast on our honeymoon and loved it. When we learned it actually means ‘boy’ in Sicilian, it sealed the deal!”

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Lana Gomez and her husband, Sebastian, met each other at the gym.
  • Gomez reportedly has two siblings, Rodney Weiss (brother) and Heather Dockweiler (sister).


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