Lee Juggurnauth Says It Is Hard To Get A Date For A Person of Color—Doesn’t The TV Presenter Have A Partner?

In 2021, A Place In The Sun’s Lee Jaggurnauth was approached to join the reality series Love Island. However, the TV presenter declined the offer.

When asked why he declined to join Love Island in The Three podcast with host Azalea Reason, Juggurnauth said he thought the program “mocked people of color.”

This wasn’t the first time a reality show had approached him. The US reality series The Bachelor previously approached him, but he declined for the same reason.

Candidly giving insight into his dating life, the 37 year-old property expert said, dating is hard for a person of color. It really, really is.

Does this mean that Lee Jaggurnauth is single?

Key Takeaways

  • Lee Juggurnauth works with many couples to find their perfect homes, but he himself is single.
  • Lee has a good friendship with singer LuLu.

Lee, Who Helps Couple Find Their Dream House, Is Single

Lee Juggurnauth joined Channel 4’s property show, A Place in the Sun, in 2021. He helps buyers find their ideal homes abroad.

Juggernaut has hosted many couples in the show, including Lynn and Barry, Ash and Anila, and Julie and Peter.

The property expert’s recent clients were also a couple, Greg and Reda, who were searching for a property with a maximum budget of £100,000 ($123K).

The couple bought the house, which was too good to be true, for £83,760 ($103K).

However, their perfect, sun-lit life in their dream house remained a dream when they discovered that it was located on “industrial” land.

This meant that in a few years, the council could build a road through it. And the couple wasn’t up to take the risk.

Not discouraged by the property failure, Greg and Reda secured a perfect home in Span to start their new life.

A Place in the Sun’s presenter, who works with a lot of couples, is reportedly single.

Nonetheless, one thing is certain: when Lee finds his perfect someone, he will not have to struggle much to find his perfect home.

Lee And Singer LuLu’s Relationship

A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth has a background in the music industry. Throughout his music career, Juggurnauth has worked with several artists like Billy Ocean, Take That, and LuLu.

The property expert shares a very close friendship with singer LuLu. Given their friendship, Lee used to visit LuLu during her filming in the BBC comedy series.

While he was there, Jennifer Saunders approached him and asked him to be in the film.

So, in a way, we can say LuLu got him a short cameo, which was an unreal experience for Juggurnauth.

Moroever, Lee accompanied his friend LuLu at the Pride of Britain Awards in October 2023.

Previously, the two friends also appeared as contestants on ITV’s Celebrity Lingo in 2022.


What Nationality Is Lee Juggurnauth?

Lee Juggurnauth was born in Windsor, Berkshire, UK. However, his parents are from Mauritius, where Lee lived from 7 to 10.


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