Lola Consuelos Enjoys Her Workout Sessions With Her Superfit Mother

It isn’t just the good looks Lola got from her mother, Kelly Ripa; she also got the love of fitness from her.

Anna Kaiser, Kelly’s trainer for over a decade, highlighted the reason for Lola Consuelos’ fit body.

Kaiser said that Lola had been her long-term client, Kelly’s plus-one, during the workouts for a few years.

The founder of Anna Kaiser Studios gave insights into their workout sessions and said that the mother-daughter duo is always full of fun.

“They’ll pick on each other and joke around and laugh,” Anna said. “It’s really fun.”

She further added, “Sometimes Lola will go, ‘Mom! Really?’ And Kelly’s like, ‘Come on, let’s go a little harder!’ And, you know, Lola’s just starting out in her fitness journey. So the dynamic between the two of them is very cute.”

Key Takeaways

  • By committing to a fitness routine alongside her mother, Lola has transformed her physique.

Lola Follows Her Mother’s Footsteps

Kelly Maria Ripa, 53, has aged like a fine wine and has maintained a fine physique.

Ripa, listed in The 100 Most Influential People of 2024, has continued the same workout routine with her trainer for 13+ years.

The same dedication to fitness is mirrored by Lola Consuelos, Kelly Ripa’s daughter, who is embarking on a singing career.

Lola, who has released two singles, “Paranoia Silverlining” and “Divine Timing,” looks forward to releasing more songs and performing live.

As the music industry intertwines with glamour, the 22-year-old singer understands the significance of maintaining a good physique.

The Singer Flaunts A Fit Stature

In the household of superfit parents Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa, there’s no room for anything less than excellent physique.

Their three children, including Lola, have always been mindful of their bodies.

Lola’s brothers, Michael and Joaquin, have often showcased their lean builds.

In comparison to her brothers, the singer had a slightly fuller figure and was not often seen in attire that accentuated her body type.

However, since Lola joined her mother and embraced her fitness regimen, her progress has become evident.


How Many Siblings Does Lola Consuelos Have?

Lola Conduelos has two brothers: Michael Consuelos (b. June 2, 1997) and Joaquin Consuelos (b. February 24, 2003).


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