Mary Miller Bid Farewell To The Show ‘Lawless Island’ In 2023

Fans are missing Mary Miller in the new edition of Port Protection.

Alaska: Lawless Island is a show that covers how the residents of Port Protection use their skills and perseverance to survive in their self-reliant lifestyle.

Season 7 of Lawless Island aired on March 6, 2024, with most of their old cast members, except for the one.

Mary Miller, aka “The City Girl,” was one of the show’s missing elements. Miller last appeared on the 15th episode of Season 6, which aired on April 18, 2023.

There are mixed arguments as to why Mary left the show.

Key Takeaways

  • There hasn’t been any official report stating the reason why Mary Miller left Port Protection.
  • Lawless Island fans loved to see Mary on the show, and some demanded that she come back.

Some Suggests That Mary Miller Left Due To Some Health Issues

With no official statement regarding the missing Mary Miller in the latest edition, netizens started making different opinions on different social media platforms.

One group of people suggested that Mary moved to Craig from Port Protection because of her health reasons.

Others stated that Mary left the show because her dog had passed away.

One fan wrote,

“Mary left the show because her dog passed away and she felt had she been closer to town and services that she might have had a different outcome. Curly helped her with the move.”

Among the mixed arguments, the majority wished her well and stated that Mary was always enjoyable to watch. They miss the loud, candid, and funny character of Port Protection.

One Of The Most Loved Members of The Show

Mary Miller had firearm skills, fishing skills, and other necessary survival skills and preferred living a peaceful life within the Port Protection community. And the fans loved her seeing on the show.

One fan put a question on a public group called Port Protection, Alaska, “Sad to see Mary Miller leave…but I am sure it is best for her. Maybe she will visit in the future.”

Additionally, many fans commented, and their comments reflected how much Mary meant to the Lawless Island fans.

“Ur an awesome person and my fave out there 💗 luv u and ur pups😁”

“Mary I enjoy watching you on Port Protection.”

“Mary is a bad a** !! Much Respect ✊”

Furthermore, a fair share of people wanted Mary to come back on the show.

  1. I would have loved to move up there and spend a lot of time with Mary she’s a STUNNINGLY AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL LADY 🌹🌹🌹💜


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