Molly Noblitt’s Parents Stay Silent: The Aftermath of the Aubriegh Wyatt Incident

Wyatt’s parents tried to bring the bullying to the school board’s attention, but their efforts were unsuccessful because Monty, Molly's dad, and the superintendent had a lot of influence within the school system.

Since Molly Noblitt got involved in the tragic case of Aubriegh Wyatt, her parents have kept a low profile, avoiding public attention and comments about the incident and its aftermath.

On September 4, 2023, 13-year-old Aubriegh Wyatt tragically took her own life after being bullied by Molly Noblitt, Peyton Hembree, Ava Case, and Parker Green.

Even after Aubriegh’s demise, these girls continued to mock and tease her, adding to the pain they had already caused.

Key Takeaways

  • Molly’s father, Monty Noblitt, served as the Assistant Superintendent of the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District for five years.
  • Monty is a respected educator and community leader in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Wyatt’s parents tried to bring the bullying to the school board’s attention. Still, their efforts were unsuccessful because Monty, Molly’s dad, and the superintendent had a lot of influence within the school system.

Due to this conflict of interest, despite the seriousness of the situation, no action was taken against Molly or the other girls.

Molly Noblitt’s Parents: Father Monty Has A Distinguished Career In Education

Molly is the daughter of Monty and Kathryn Smith Noblitt. Monty is a respected educator and community leader in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Originally from Vancleave, he has been married to Kathryn for over 24 years. They have three kids: Monty (Deuce), who is 22; Maddox, who is 16; and Molly, who is 13.

Monty Noblitt has had a distinguished career in education, holding various positions and achieving significant milestones.

Before joining the Jackson County School District, he served as the Assistant Superintendent of the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District for five years.

During his time in Hancock County, Monty was the Athletic Director for four years and the principal of Bay-Waveland Middle School during the 2022–2023 school year.

Monty graduated from Vancleave High School in 1989 and holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education from the University of Southern Mississippi.

He furthered his education by earning a Juris Doctor from the Mississippi College School of Law.

Despite his professional achievements, a petition advocating for justice for Aubriegh is currently circulating to remove Monty Noblitt from his position.

Details about Molly’s mother, Kathryn, are not extensively documented online. However, she seems active on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Nevertheless, her Instagram handle is set to private, and her Facebook page has only one post as of this writing.

  1. This family is evil. Nobody cares how esteemed they are. They care about aubriegh and what their daughter and her friends did to her. How about talking about what happened to her family, not that trash family that uses there position to silence the mother and sue her for bringing awareness.

  2. I hope the Montys 3 pieces of garbage suffer their whole life and die horrific deaths in front of their parents.

  3. Monty Noblitt has utterly and completely failed as an educator and child advocate. How can he be in a position to oversee the education of children in his district and allow his daughter and her friends to bully another girl to death.

    • Absolutely agree with you 100%. And he needs to be fired from his job since he can’t since he let his family continue to bully another girl to death.. we need laws so when these things kind of happen the kids who did the bullion and the parents or held accountable and the child can be prosecuted for manslaughter

  4. I hope the entire Noblitt family and the other bullies involved experience nothing but pure misery for the rest of their pathetic existence.

  5. I can’t believe they would still allow him to be near children after what him and his family have done. They all need to be put in jail

  6. That man should have been fired immediately and him and his wife should have been charged with the murder of that little girl and the other kids parents as well that were involved in the bullying. And the children should have all been evaluated and locked up in an institution of some sort. I tell you what I was bullied all my life in school and that’s why now I tell my kids if your getting bullied just whoop there a$$ because I’ll be damned if my children will be bullied and nothing gets done about it. These schools don’t do nothing. Even bullies become anti bully councilors at the schools and I found that out cause my bully was my oldest daughters anti bully councilor and they were not helping her at all. If someone is bullying don’t even waste your breath tell your kids defend them self and if they get in trouble so what buy em an ice cream or something because at least something is being done about it unlike these useless school workers. If our kids start standing up for them self eventually the bullying will stop.

  7. They are the reason the daughter is the way she is and the whole legal system down there is corrupt. This is not the only child that died from bullying down there. They know they are dirty.

  8. I pray they Kathryn gets justice for her daughter’s death. Absolutely disgusting and she’s the one who deserves a lawsuit for the negligence on her daughter’s situation because Monty was the superintendent. Absolutely disgusting he allowed his daughter to bully this poor girl to death. I pray an attorney helps Kathryn sue the district, this disgusting family and all the other bullies for her daughter’s death.

  9. Monty is disgusting human along with his bully daughter & has no business being a superintendent he failed. He should be held accountable for not protecting Aubrey & thinking it is ok for his daughter to celebrate a death that she caused. Molly the devil child should be locked up & so should he.


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