Morgan Metzer’s Parents, Especially Her Father, Were Never Impressed With Her First Love

Morgan is again accumulating the sympathy and love of her well-wishers worldwide.

Morgan Metzer’s parents, especially her father, were never impressed with her first love, no matter how enamored Morgan became.

Morgan Metzer, a mother of two children, began dating Rodney Metzer (a financial trader) when she was only 15 and married Rodney when she was 21.

The couple, who were childhood sweethearts, had been married for 10 years. However, a divorce was pushed through at the beginning of December 2020.

Then, Morgan’s ex-husband called Morgan to drop the news of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

After finding out Rodney was faking his pancreatic cancer diagnosis just to stay close to her, she told her parents she had no choice but to show sympathy following such a serious alleged diagnosis.

Still, Morgan told in her recent interview that she is still going through nightmares while sleeping as a repercussion of the unfortunate horrendous incident.

When Morgan was asked about her overall health status after a few months in 2021, she said,

The first few months, I didn’t sleep at all, period. I would sit in the corner of my son’s room and just stare at that doorway. Doorways scare me now. If there’s someone that stands in the middle of a doorway it triggers me so bad.”

Morgan Metzer

After the release of the true-crime drama Gaslit by My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story (2024), based on Morgan Metzer’s true-life incidents, Morgan is again accumulating the sympathy and love of her well-wishers worldwide.

The film chronicles the series of events that occurred on 2021 New Year’s Day when an intruder (the masked man dressed in Batman attire) broke into Metzer’s home in Georgia in the early morning hours.

Morgan’s ex-husband, Rhodney, disguised as an intruder, beat her brutally, tied her up before sexually assaulting her, and nearly choked her to death.

Just before fleeing, he allegedly told her that she would miss her kids and husband.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Based on Morgan Metzer’s real-life true-crime incident, ”Gaslit by My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story (2024),” was premiered on June 9, 2024, in the United States on Lifetime.
  • On August 4, 2021, Rodney Metzer pled guilty to 14 charges related to the attack on his ex-wife, including k*dnapping, s*xual battery, and aggravated ass*ult. He was sentenced to 70 years in prison, with the first 25 years to be served in confinement and the remaining 45 years on probation.
  • Metzer, who was 36 at the time of his sentencing, is currently incarcerated in the Augusta State Medical Prison in Grovetown, Georgia.


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