Nell Tiger Free’s Birthname Tributes Her Grandfather Neil

Nell Tiger Free is all set to treat audiences in her upcoming movie “The First Omen,” generating excitement among fans keen to learn more about her life.

Originally named Nell Pickford Free, she was raised in Kingston, England.

She spent her entire childhood with her yoga instructor, mother, and father, who used to work in recruitment.

Her interest in acting began during her time at Teddington School, where she attended Saturday drama classes, fueled by her youthful enthusiasm for creativity.

She gained prominence in 2014 as Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones, an experience she describes as fulfilling a childhood fantasy of portraying a princess. She particularly enjoyed the elaborate costumes.

Moreover, her talent was recognized in subsequent projects like “Wonderwell,” where she acted alongside the late Carrie Fisher, and “Too Old to Die Young,” demonstrating her versatility.

Key Takeaways

  • Free” is Nell’s father’s last name.
  • Nell was raised in England.
  • She gained prominence in 2014 as Myrcella Baratheon in “Game of Thrones.”

Nell Tiger Free’s Birthname Is Nell Pickford Free

We all know that Nell Tiger Free’s real name is Nell Pickford Free. She was raised in Kingston, England.

Nell Tiger Free explained that her name has a special meaning. She shares the name “Nell” with her grandfather, Neil, as a tribute to him.

Originally, “Tiger” was supposed to be her first name, but because she was born on her grandfather’s birthday, it was moved to her middle name.

Lastly, “Free” is simply her father’s last name. So, her name reflects familial connections and personal significance.

Passionate About Horror Genre & The First Omen Role

Free was excited to explore the horror genre with her role in ‘The First Omen,’ as she’s a devoted fan of such films. When she first read the script, she was excited and approached it as an actress and a fan.

She saw the expansion of ‘The Omen‘ universe as a natural progression and eagerly wanted to be involved. Her character, Margaret, has a troubled past marked by disturbing childhood experiences.

Despite appearing cheerful on the surface, Margaret grapples with inner turmoil from her time in an orphanage where she faces mistreatment.

Playing Margaret required physical and emotional effort, but Nell eagerly embraced the challenge.

She found satisfaction in the intense scenes, enjoying the opportunity to push her acting skills. Despite the emotional strain, immersing herself in the role brought her great joy.

Working with Bill Nighy, who played Cardinal Lawrence, was a highlight for Nell Tiger. Their on-screen chemistry reflected their genuine off-screen friendship, with Nell fondly remembering relying on Nighy’s support during filming.

Their relationship, nuanced yet based on genuine affection and paternal guidance, added depth to their characters’ interactions.


What Character Did Nell Tiger Free Play In Game of Thrones?

Nell Tiger Free played Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones Season 5 and 6.


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