One of The Highest-Earning Reality Stars, Brittany Hockley, Enjoys A Comfortable Net Worth

In 2023, “So Dramatic” published a list of the top-earning reality stars, which included The Bachelor season 6 contestant Brittany Hockley.

Being one of Australia’s most recognizable faces, Hockley frequently makes media appearances as a presenter, host, actor, and author.

The finalist on The Challenge: Australia has a net worth of around $500k to $1 million as of 2024.

The internet personality garnered her fortunes from several income sources.

What are the sources from which the Aussie reality star earns? Let’s break down her income streams.

Key Takeaways

  • Brittany earns from endorsing different brands on social media.
  • She brought home millions from her podcast tour.

Brittany Earns From Social Media

The Australian reality show star has a prominent presence on her social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Brittany has joined hands with health, beauty, and different clothing brands.

She has endorsed skincare products from SkinCeuticals, which offers advanced beauty products.

Similarly, Hockley, who needs to keep her skin flawless, promotes products from esmi.

The influencer is always seen spending time on beaches, flaunting trendy swimsuits. For her beach wear, she has partnered with Zulu & Zephyr.

The Bachelor star often posts promotional content on her Instagram and reportedly charges $1000-$1500 per post.

She Hosts Radio Shows

In 2022, the Australian Radio Network reached out to Brittany and her fellow Bachelor star, Laura Byrne.

The former Bachelor stars were reportedly offered a multimillion-dollar deal to host ARN’s The Pick Up.

This radio show was hosted by Kate Langbroek, Yumi Stynes, and Monty Dimond during that time.

In addition to this, Brittany and Laura actively host their own podcast, Life Uncut, which transformed into a national radio show after KIIS FM picked it up.

Brittany And Laura Made Millions From Their Podcast Tour

Brittany and Laura found a cheat code to rake in the cash, and it isn’t by selling raunchy pictures on OF.

Back in 2023, the two Life Uncut podcast hosts garnered loads of money from doing tours across Australia and New Zealand.

The former dating show stars invited some of their celebrity friends, including Matthew David Johnson.

They reportedly made around $1.5 million in tickets from their eight-day tour.

She Also Earns From Her Book Sales

Brittany Hockley has also co-authored a book, “We Love Love:An Unfiltered A to Z of Modern Romance and Self-Love,” with her Life Uncut co-host.

They have shared details about true love, crushing failure, hot dates, wild ambition, motherhood, and sisterhood.

Their book currently has a rating of 3.45 on and 4.2 on


Who Is Brittany Hockley Dating?

She has been dating Benjamin Siegrist, a Swiss professional football player who plays for Celtic Football Club in Scotland, since late 2022.


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