People Often Confuse Emile Hirsch With Jack Black: Are They Related?

Emile Hirsch looks like Jack Black. This thing started in 2007 when Emile Hirsch featured in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild.

However, it sparked after Emile appeared in Prince Avalance. Following the movie’s release in 2013, their similarities were discussed heavily on social media platforms.

There was a Reddit thread in which one user questioned all the Reddit users if anyone thought Emile Hirsch looked like Jack Black.

The thread read, “Anyone else think Emile Hirsch looks like a skinny Jack Black in the trailer for Prince Avalanche?”

This thread from 2013 is frequently noticed by Reddit users. In 2013, a user @MrJoanto wrote, “I definitely thought jack black lost weight in the movie “Freaks.”

Furthermore, in March 2024, another user wrote, “funny thing this thread are 11 years old and i found out this after watching Freaks.”

Replying to this, one user wrote, “Same! I literally just watched and said that he looks like a young Jack Black.”

So many people confuse Emile Hirsch with Jack Black, but do they have any relation or related in any way? Let’s find out!!!

Key Takeaways

  • Emile Hirsch and Jack Black are from Los Angeles, California.
  • Jack’s son looks almost like Emile Hirsch.
  • Jack’s net worth is relatively higher than Emile’s.

Relation Between Emile Hirsch And Jack Black

Unfortunately, the two American actors are not remotely related to one another, except for the fact that they were both born in Los Angeles and are Hollywood actors.

However, fans have often claimed that Emile and Jack look similar. Moreover, Emile Hirsch jokingly said that he and Jack Black should play each other in a movie.

In one of the interviews, the Prince Avalanche actor was asked, “People have said that you remind them of Jack Black in the film.”

Hirsch responded, “Yeah, and that’s funny because I’m friends with Jack Black and we always joke that we should play each other in a movie.”

He further added, “I like being funny but I think I’m more inclined towards drama. I might do more comedy but trying to predict what you’re going to do next is a hopeless exercise as an actor. It’s not the kind of career that you have total control over.”

Additionally, when Jack stepped out with his son Samuel on a walk in Los Angeles in 2023, people were quick to notice the similarities between Emile and Samuel.

While some online sources asserted that Jack’s son is his clone, netizens commented about the undeniable resemblance between Jack’s son and the actor from “Prince Avalanche.”

Do They Have Similar Net Worth? Let’s Break Down Their Net Worth

Emile Hirsch and Jack Black do not share similar net worth, nor should one expect them to.

Jack, who started his acting career in 1982, has featured in some of the highest-grossing movies, including The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Black, through his 42 year-long acting career, has amassed a net worth of $50 million.

Besides, he also earned from his work as a producer, comedian, voice actor, writer, and musician.

In contrast, Emile, who only started his career fourteen years after Jack in 1996, has garnered relatively less fortune than Jack.

The Into the Wild actor currently boasts around $15 million net worth. This means the two actors, Emile and Jack, have a net worth difference of approximately $35 million.


Is Emile Hirsch Related To Leonardo DiCaprio?

Emile and Leonardo are friends and frequently spend time together, but they are not related.

Does Jack Black Have A Twin Brother?

Jack does not have a twin brother but a half-brother named Neil Siegel.


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