Setting Sail on Drama: The Curious Case of Cat Baugh’s Journey on Below Deck Season 11

Cat has some yachting expertise but she is emotional, occasionally has a negative attitude, and is slow and incompetent in general.

Cat Baugh joined the cast of Below Deck in season 11. Cat chose to leave the boat on her own. She struggled to adjust to life aboard the Saint David, so she decided to leave the show after the charter season.

Season 11, Episode 7 of Below Deck, witnessed the departure of Cat Baugh from the show.

In ”Below Deck” season 11, a new crew was created, including a new Captain, chartering guests on luxurious journeys through Grenada. Cat was a member of the interior team led by Chief Steward Fraser Olender before she decided to leave.

It’s evident from watching the show that even though Cat has some yachting expertise, she is emotional, occasionally has a negative attitude, and is slow and incompetent in general.

Her conflict with fellow Steward Barbara “Barbie was apparent. Barbie Pascual, who frequently had to put in nearly twice as much labor to make up for the gaps left by Cat, was the one who was most irritated with her.

After receiving a call from her frustrated friend, Cat departed the show in season 11. After her exit, she said,

I wish I could have stayed. But, the thing is, there’s no way I could have,” Cat said in her final interview of the season. “This is too much. I need to be with the people [who] need me, and also, on this boat, I’m at a breaking point. I need to protect my mental health. It’s like my support system is at home, not here.” 

While conversing with Chief Steward Fraser Olender during the crew night out, Cat expressed that she never quite fit in with the rest of the crew and was struggling to find a place for herself on St. David.

Captain Kerry Titheradge, with whom she had spoken earlier, understood that she needed to return home for her wellbeing of mental health.

Key Takeaways

  • Cat Baugh voluntarily chose to leave the show.
  • Cat expresses her frustration about not fitting in with the crew with Fraser Olender, the Chief Steward.
  • Following her departure from the show, Cat continues communicating with Captain Kerry.

Captain Kerry Titheradge Is In Touch With Cat

In an Interview, Captain Kerry Titheradge said, “My number one job is to take care of my crew and their health.” He is well aware of the Cat’s mental health and what she is going through right now.

Captain shares an update on Cat Baugh’s health. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Captain Kerry said that Cat was struggling hard before she departed from the show. It was catastrophic to her.

Despite leaving the show, Kerry has been in touch with Cat. Kerry revealed that Cat is going through a challenging period, seeing herself where she’s at. However, Cat told Kerry she is in a pretty good headspace.


In How Many Episodes Stew Cat Baugh Appeared on Below Deck Season 11?

Stew Cat Baugh appeared on six episodes of Below Deck Season 11; ”Love Me Tender (2024),” ”Come on Eileen (2024),” ”It’s Always Sunny in Grenada (2024),” ”Breaking Barbie (2024),” ”Pier Pressure (2024),” and ”New Capt, New Rules (2024).”


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