Shedding Light on Trace Adkins’ Health Journey: Truth Behind Rumors

In 1982, Trace almost lost both of his legs after being involved in a bulldozer accident.

Grammy-nominated country singer and actor Trace Adkins is doing well and is in better health. He has not been infected with any ailments.

Trace Adkins was born on January 13, 1962, in Springhill, Louisiana, USA, to mother Peggy, a high school teacher, and father Aaron, a corrugated box plant worker, in Louisiana.

Recently, unfounded rumors have spread suggesting that Trace had been diagnosed with tongue cancer. This misinformation has deeply concerned the devoted followers of the iconic country music superstar, who were taken aback by the news of his supposed battle with cancer.

These kinds of false claims create waves of uncertainty and worries among fans, so it’s crucial to have pieces of information from authentic sources.

As of the most recent and authentic information available, Trace Adkins has not yet received an official report or statement confirming his cancer diagnosis.

He has instead sought therapy to address his habit of drinking, but there is no evidence that he is unwell in any other way.

Regarding the situation, Adkins posted for his fans on his Instagram with the caption,

An important message for all fans. Don’t fall for it!

In the video he embedded on the same post, he said,

Hey everybody, this is Trace Adkins. I can’t believe I have to do this, but I just want to take a minute to let you know that there are a lot of imposter accounts out there on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pretending to be me. Please do not engage with these people or send them money. I do not communicate personally on those platforms through direct messages, and I don’t request to follow anyone. Everything for me lives only on my official page at Trace Adkins. Please make sure to look for the blue checkmark on the profile. Imposter account will not have that checkmark.’

Besides Alcohol Addiction, Adkins Was Going Through Several Health And Personal Issues

In 1982, he almost lost both of his legs after being involved in a bulldozer accident. Less than a year later, a 400-barrel oil tank exploded and crushed his left leg.

When Hurricane ”Chantal” hit in 1989, Adkins was stuck with nine other workers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Adkins accidentally cut off his pinky finger while trying to open a bucket with a knife; later, it was reattached. The pinkie on his left hand is permanently crooked to fit around the neck of a guitar.

In 1994, he was shot in Nashville by his second wife, Julie Cutis, while having a domestic dispute. He was trying to disarm Julie while they were fighting over his drinking, which turned out violent, causing damage to the lower chamber of his heart and both lungs, which required open-heart surgery.

Trace believes he survived because his home was close to a trauma-rated hospital. After the incident, he didn’t file any complaints against his ex-wife, Julie.

He stayed at a rehabilitation center for 28 days in 2001. Again, in the year 2014, Trace Adkins was admitted to a rehabilitation center after getting into a fight on a cruise ship.

Lately, Adkins no longer feels the urge to drink. When asked about it, Adkins said,

I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve paid for them. I try not to make those mistakes anymore.”

Adkins credits his fourth wife, Victoria Pratt, whom he married in 2019 and describes as an “angel,” as well as his daughters and grandkids, keeping him physically and mentally healthy.


What is Trace Adkins’s Book, “A Personal Stand: Observations And Opinions From A Freethinking Roughneck, ” about?

In his book “A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions From a Freethinking Roughneck, “Trace delivers his manifesto on politics, personal responsibility, fame, parenting, and hard work. Adkins shares his experiences from his childhood in Louisiana to his current career as a headlining artist. He also criticizes American politics, arguing that organized labor now exists for the sake of organized labor and that society is unwilling to sacrifice luxuries for conservation.


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