Star Wars Actor Mark Hamill: No Illness But a Scarred Legacy from 1977 Crash

After Mark Hamill's car accident in 1977, he had a slight change in his facial features that almost drowned his acting career.

The 72-year-old actor Mark Hamill is perfectly fine and has not suffered from any diseases as of this writing.

Hamill once had a fatal car accident on January 11, 1977, in California, though.

After the car accident, he had a slight change in his facial features that almost drowned his acting career.

His nose was severely broken, and also fractured his cheekbone. For his reconstructive surgery, pieces of cartilage from his nose were used.

Though his appearance after the accident was not drastic, he had a remarkable scar that ran from beneath his right nostril to the right corner of his upper lip.

Also, his nose was a bit misshapen and broader than it was in his prior movie.

In an interview with Gossip Magazine, Hamil said,

“I was way out in the sticks somewhere and there were no cars and no traffic, thank God. I was going about 65-70 mph… I was speeding, going too fast… and what happened, I think, was that I tried to negotiate an off-ramp and lost control, tumbled over, and went off the road.”

Mark Hamill

The 72-year-old Hamill is positive about aging healthy, and for his healthy lifestyle, he credits his wife, Marilou York, and his three beloved children: Nathan Hamill, Griffin Hamill & Chelsea Hamill

Despite his fatal car accident, no matter how he looks, he continues to act regularly in high-profile projects, with his most recent projects being the 2023 comedy The Machine and The Fall of the House of Usher.

Recently, the Star Wars actor made a surprise appearance at the White House on Friday, revealing that President Joe Biden had given him a pair of the president’s trademark aviator sunglasses.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Mark Hamill was born on September 25, in Oakland, California, to Virginia Suzanne (Johnson) and William Thomas Hamill.
  • Hamill is a longtime supporter of Mr. Biden and a vocal critic of his rival, Donald Trump, whom he often mocks online for his “verbal catastrophes.”
  • The actor previously headlined a fundraiser for Mr. Biden and appeared in one of his political adverts during the 2020 election campaign.
  • Throughout the ’70s, Hamill appeared in many episodes of the long-running soap opera ”General Hospital.”


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