Steve Gerben Comes From A Family Of Entrepreneurs

His father owned a successful auto service chain that inspired the show's setting!

Steve Gerben, the comedian and actor’s portrayal of Will in Netflix’s newest comedy show, “Tires,” has impressed fans and critics.

The six-episode fiction series tells the story of Will, who is trying his best to run his father’s auto shop while keeping his troublemaking cousin in line.

Even if the story is fictional, the setting is inspired by real life, as Gerben’s father once had an automotive center empire.

Key Takeaways

  • Steve Gerben’s father owned a successful auto service chain; his mother is a pilates teacher.
  • His older brother Josh is a renowned trademark attorney.
  • Gerben is still single and doesn’t have a wife.

Family Of Entrepreneurs

Steve Gerben was born in Berwyn, Pennsylvania, to his parents, father, Jonathan and mother, Maryann Gerben.

He comes from a family of entrepreneurs; his grandfather owned a construction equipment company, and his father owned a chain of automotive service centers.

Jonathan built “Valley Forge Tire” into a 12-store chain before selling it in 2007.

Meanwhile, his mother, Maryann, is a pilates teacher at Club La Maison Health & Fitness Complex.

The comedian was raised alongside an older brother, Josh Gerben.

Brother Is A Popular Lawyer

Josh is a trademark attorney and founder of “Gerben IP,” a law firm with 7,300+ trademarks registered for clients.

Interestingly, Steve was employed there as a senior trademark paralegal for a long time, which helped him to continue his comedy career.

The elder Gerben is also a podcast host, having hosted “The Josh Gerben Show” since March 2019.

The avid Philadelphia Phillies fan graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from the American University Washington College of Law in 2006.

Before that, he also studied at The George Washington University (1999-2003) and Conestoga High School (1995-1999).

He is a married man who wedded Christine Carolyn Murray, a part-time lawyer, on September 17, 2011, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

The couple still resides there and is raising four children: three sons, Jacob, Joshua, and James Jonathan Paul, and a daughter, Charlotte.

Who Is Steve Gerben Wife?

Steve Gerben isn’t married to anyone and is speculated to be single at the moment.

The comedian has been actively pursuing a career in movies and stand-up, so he hasn’t had time to find a date.

Even if he may have a partner, Gerben has kept her outside of the limelight.

On the other hand, fans are loving the new series and bombarding social media with positive reviews.

One gave a solid 4.5/5 ranking and said,

Finished the first season of Shane Gillis’ Netflix show “Tires”. Super fun blue-collar workplace comedy with a great cast. Even though I don’t work at a tire shop, I connect with the atmosphere and a bunch of the characters in this show. I actually work with those types(and maybe one of them, lol). Steve Gerben (who plays Will) is especially great.

Another fan wrote,

Steve Gerben’s character work and John McKeever’s direction are bright spots. John’s always been a strong director. Gerben is flat-out brilliant. I guess it takes a really smart guy, which Steve is, to play an effective idiot.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Steve Gerben started stand-up comedy while he was still in high school.
  • He was inspired by actor and comedian Christopher Titus‘s storytelling.


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