Taylor Swift’s Reference To Clara Bow In Her Song Indicates Any Familial Connections? Let’s Find Out

Taylor Swift dropped an album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department,’ on April 19, 2024, which surprised Swifties worldwide.

If this wasn’t enough to startle her fans, Swift announced an extra 15 songs, making her 11th album a Double Album.

The album, which contains 31 songs, received a good review, but one song particularly grabbed attention.

The Tortured Poets Department track no. 16, titled Clara Bow,’ was named after the 1920s actress Clara Gordon Bow.

This started a wave of speculation among fans and critics about whether the reference was made out of sheer admiration or if the singer is related to Clara.

The late actress’ family has made some statements about the billionaire singer mentioning Clara.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the songs in Taylor’s new album is a tribute to Clara Bow.
  • Swift depicts Clara in her music video.

Clara Bow’s Family Can See How Taylor Can Relate To The Actress

Clara Bow’s descendants, who are also Swift fans, are pleased that the singer has referred to Bow in her song.

In an interview, Bow’s great-granddaughters, Nicole Sisneros and Brittany Grace Bell, said they had “chills” listening to the track.

They also highlighted how the lyric “poetically draws parallel between Clara Bow and Taylor.”

“Both raw and amazingly talented artists,” Sisneros further added, referencing the two “It Girls.”

“My family and I love the song and are thankful for Taylor connecting with Clara’s legacy through her songwriting.”

Similarly, for Bell, the lyric that stuck out was, “This town is fake, but you’re the real thing.”

She believes that Swift and Bow are alike in the sense that both of them are/were unapologetically themselves despite the media noise and societal norms.

To sum it all up, Bow’s descendants believe that they both are pioneers in their fields.

And, to address the question of them being related, no, they do not have any familial connections.

Swift’s New Album Draws More Parallels Between Her And Clara

In the first verse of the song Clara Bow, Taylor mentions Clara Bow and summarizes the career of one of the first Hollywood celebrities.

“You look like Clara Bow
In this light, remarkable
All your life, did you know
You’d be picked like a rose?”

Here, Swift tries to highlight how Bow worked her way up to become the “It Girl,” and in the end, it was all for nothing – All gone in the blink of an eye.

The singer also mentions that if the things that happened to Clara had happened to her, she wouldn’t have been able to handle them well.

That said, Taylor’s new music video for “Fortnight” with Post Malone is a tribute to Bow.

Taylor’s makeup and overall look resemble Clara Bow. Moreover, in the video, Swift has the same sultry state, a signature of Clara.


Is Taylor Swift A Billionaire?

Taylor Swift reportedly has a net worth of around $1.1 billion.

Is Taylor Swift The Only Child Of Her Parents?

Taylor has a younger brother, Austin Swift, who is an actor.


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