The Actor/Director Kim Fields And Her Sister Alexis Fields Are Like Best Friends

The Fields sisters are very close and followed the same career goals.

Kim Fields was born the eldest child of her parents, followed by her younger sister, Alexis Fields.

Although the two sisters have an almost 13-year age gap, they are very close to one another.

Moreover, the younger sibling Alexis’ biggest inspiration is her elder sister, who conquered the entertainment industry through her power, resilience, beauty, faith, and perseverance.

In 2019, wishing to Kim, her younger sister, Alexis, dedicated a post highlighting the Gutter actress’ hard work and sacrifices to accomplish what she has accomplished.

In a long, heartfelt birthday post, Alexis emphasized the relationship the two sisters share.

She is my best friend and I love her beyond words.

Alexis Fields

Key Takeaways

  • Alexis is grateful for everything her elder sister has done for her.
  • The mother of two, Alexis, followed in her sister’s footsteps.

Kim Is Her Younger Sister, Alexis’ Hero

During a live Q&A session with the Fields siblings on the YouTube channel Real Deal Commentary & Reviews, the two sisters share some of their embarrassing moments and how they feel about each other.

In the clip, Alexis shares a story about how her elder sister embarrassed her at her 21st birthday party.

A little into the talk, the younger Fields emphasizes how Kim, her elder sister, is her hero. Additionally, she shares the situation in which she grew up and appreciates her sister’s presence, who kept her safe.

Furthermore, Alexis shows her gratitude to her sister and mother for setting an example for her.

Following Kim, Her Sister Also Pursued A Career In Acting

Kim Victoria Fields, an American actress and director, 55, made her television debut in the 1977 TV movie Have I Got a Christmas for You.

From there, she experienced her fair share of struggles and paved her way to becoming one of the established artists.

Following the footsteps of Kim, 42, her younger sister Alexis also ventured into showbiz and appeared in several shows and movies, including Roc (1994) and Sister, Sister (1994-1999).

Alexis Is A Mother of Two

Kim’s younger sister, Alexis, was married to Kevin Jackson for almost 17 years before filing for divorce in 2022.

From their relationship, they welcomed two kids: one daughter, Kaycie Jae, and one son, Kaden.

Following the divorce from Kevin, the Sister, Sister actress ventured into a new relationship with a guy whose name is not disclosed to the public.

Alexis made her relationship with the new guy public via an Instagram post in October 2022.

Since then, they have been going to various vacation destinations and spending quality time together.

In Case You Didn’t Know

  • Alexis Fields’ daughter Kaycie did her first audition for TV in April 2023.
  • Alexis stepped away from acting to focus on her career in interior design but later resumed acting.


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