The Actress From Baby Reindeer, Nava Mau, Is A Multifaceted Artist

On April 11, 2024, Netflix premiered a British drama-thriller miniseries based on the real experiences of the creator, Richard Gadd.

In the series, Nava Mau plays Teri, an American therapist who has lived in London for years.

She meets the protagonist, Donny, played by Richard, through a dating app.

Talking about her experience, Mau, who is a trans woman, said, “When I was reading the script, it felt like the first time reading a character that was written by someone who actually had known and loved a trans woman.”

She added, “And it felt like an honor to even get to read the script because of Richard’s vulnerability. There’s a light that I think pulsates out of that kind of vulnerability, and so all of the characters in the story then are cast in that light. And I felt that in that first read of Teri.”

Baby Reindeer currently has an 8.3 rating on IMDb and Nava Mau also garnered a lot of attention for her performance.

Following this, fans are curious to know about Nava beyond the silver screen.

Given their curiosity, this article comprehensively explores every aspect of the Baby Reindeer star. Think of it as a mini Wikipedia page dedicated to Nava Mau.

Key Takeaways

  • Nava Mau is an actress, director, producer and writer.
  • She got her role in the HBO series via an Instagram DM.
  • Mau believes there is a need for a cultural transformation.

Nava Mau Is A Multi-Hyphenate Artist

Born on May 14, 1992, in Mexico City, Nava works as an actor, writer, director, and producer.

She has starred in several movies, including Baby Reindeer and Walking Hour.

Walking Hour was Mau’s first project as a producer, director, and actress. Screening in festivals around the world, the short film earned a lot of recognition.

Additionally, the NewFest Audience Award winner has contributed her talents as a Production Fellow for the Netflix documentary Disclosure and as a producer on Work.

Excitingly, Nava has an upcoming project, All the Words But the One, where she is the director and writer and also stars with Domenic Kim and Shaan Dasani.

Furthermore, the journey of how this talented transgender actress secured a role in the HBO series is a fascinating tale worth exploring.

Mau Got Approached Via DM For A Role

Nava was approached via Instagram DM for her first major role in Genera+ion. In 2019, Nava was working toward her first big break, moving across Los Angeles and Mexico.

The Mexican actress was living on her friends’ couches in L.A., and one fine day, she got what seemed like a sketchy DM.

Receiving a direct message offering a movie role was already unusual, but what made it even more suspicious was typos.

However, she took a chance and replied to the offer, which happened to be a legitimate one.

Subsequently, Mau auditioned and got the role to play Ana on Genera+ion’s first and only season.

In the series, Ana, a trans aunt, takes care of Greta, her niece, while she’s discovering her queer identity.

As a transgender actress, Nava felt a strong connection to Ana’s character, drawn particularly to the honest relationship between aunt and niece.

Nava Advocates For The LGBTQ+ Community

Nava Mau, now 32 years old, stands as a steadfast advocate for LGBTQ+ individuals.

While she’s currently directing her energy towards her creative endeavors, Nava often finds herself drawn back to cultural and political work in film and TV.

She believes in the urgent need for cultural transformation within the film industry and is committed to never letting go of that.

Beyond her creative pursuits, Nava remains deeply involved in anti-violence efforts, healing justice initiatives, and political education.

Moreover, she actively engages in public speaking engagements, amplifying her advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights and social equality on broader platforms.


In Which College Did Nava Mau Attend?

Nava Mau attended Pomona College and earned her undergraduate degree (B.A.) in 2014.

Has Nava Worked As A Legal Assistant?

Nava Mau worked as a Legal Assistant at the Immigration Center for Women and Children from February 2015 to October 2015.


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