The Ending Shown About Martha In Baby Reindeer Wasn’t What Happened In Real Life: Find Real Truth Here

The Netflix miniseries, ‘Baby Reindeer,’ unravels the real-life experience of the Scottish comedian Richard Gadd.

Gadd, who plays Donny Dunn, a struggling comedian, shows that a woman named Martha stalks him.

In the series, Dunn’s life takes a turn after one act of kindness – offering a free cup of tea to a lonely woman.

Following this, the comedian gets stalked for the next three years, 41,000 emails, and hundreds of hours of voice messages. Baby Reindeer shows the extremes that stalking can reach.

The series ending shows that the stalker, Martha, gets arrested and is sentenced to nine months in prison. Additionally, Donny is also granted a five-year restraining order against Martha.

However, in real life, this was not what happened to Richard Gadd’s stalker.

Key Takeaways

  • Baby Reindeer does not give the complete truth about Martha.
  • Jessica Gunning perceives her character in a different way.

What Really Happened To “Martha” In Real Life?

During an interview with The Guardian, Gadd said, “The real ‘Martha’ also wasn’t incarcerated for her crimes against Gadd.”

Richard Gadd, whose real-life experience was portrayed in the series, said that he “didn’t want to throw someone who was that level of mentally unwell in prison.”

Nothing more than a restraining order against her is known, not even her real name nor her current whereabouts.

The only known information is that back in September 2019, “Martha” was “still at large.” This meant that not everything in the series was true.

But we do know about a thing or two about Jessica Gunning, who plays Martha in Baby Reindeer.

Who Is Jessica Gunning?

Jessica Gunning, born on January 1, 1986, is an English television and theatre actress.

Gunning attended Holmfirth High School and Rose Bruford College before beginning her stage career at the National Theatre.

She has appeared in a number of television series, including White Heat and The Outlaws, and movies like Pride and Summerland.

As the actress does not use any social media platforms, although her fans would madly want her to use one. Hence, very little is known about her.

Speaking in a rare interview, Gunning expressed some details about her character and what she felt about Martha.

“If I ever tried to play the stalker side of Martha, you’d lose her completely because she isn’t a villain. She’s not scary in that sense. I mean, her actions might be received as that, but she never intends it that way. I never, ever saw her like that,” she said.

“The truth of it, for Martha, is this is the first time in a long time she connects to somebody who compliments her, who’s nice to her, who spends time with her. I think he got out of it as much as she did.”


Is Richard Gadd In A Relationship?

Richard Gadd is not married and reportedly does not have a partner as of now.


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